What are shares and why are they important?

Today we’re running you through some of our favorite Instagram engagement tips – specifically shares.¬†Shares are the the number of times someone shared your post in a message or on to their story.

Check your Instagram Insights on your Reels or static posts. Having a high number of shares on your post is great because it means the post or Reel is reaching a larger audience.

How do I view my Insights?

  1. Head to your Instagram profile and click “Insights’
  2. Click “Posts” to view your insights for posts.
  3. On the dropdown that says “Reach” drop down and select “Shares”
  4. Your posts will now be ranked from highest number of shares to lowest
  5. You can repeat this for Reels and Stories by going back to your Insights page

Can I see the number of story shares vs. message shares?

Currently, you’re not able to see how many people shared your post in a private message vs. shared to their story.

However, if someone has shared your post on their story, you will see: “View story reshares” when you click the three dots on the top right of your post. You’ll only see this while the post is actively on someone’s story.

What type of content gets more shares?

Great question! People typically share content to their story that is relatable, inspirational, funny, or benefits/educates their audience.

A post of ours with a high number of shares is on “How to support your friend in real estate”. This is because our audience is primarily real estate agents and wanted to share this info with their audience.

Our other posts with a high number of shares are relatable reels for agents and motivational quotes.

Try these ideas to get more shares on your posts

    • Humorous and relatable Reels that use a trending audio
      • Ask yourself is this relatable to other real estate agents,¬†to people that live in your city, or to people like you (moms, pet owners, same hobbies, etc)
    • Funny, relatable graphics or memes (C&C Members: use The Broke Agent content for this)
    • Motivational quotes you love
    • Share a relatable truth in your caption
    • Infographics and statistics

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Haley Ingram

Haley is the Founder and CEO of Coffee & Contracts. When she's not helping agents grow their social media, you can find her at the beach or with her golden retriever, Lilo. Connect with her on Instagram @hayingram.