Instagram engagement – it’s at the top of everyone’s mind but how exactly to achieve it for yourself can feel cloaked in mystery. Today we’re breaking down one facet of boosting your engagement on Instagram. Let’s dive in to today’s topic: How to Boost Instagram Engagement with Savable Content.

First, let’s look at your bookmarked posts

When you check your insights on a post, how many users are typically bookmarking your content?

Having a high number of bookmarks on your posts lets Instagram know that people are enjoying your content or finding it useful.

When people are finding your content enjoyable or useful, it keeps them on Instagram longer. Therefore, the algorithm gives you a thumbs up!

So, let’s talk about creating content that people will want to bookmark for later

Think about the content that you save and bookmark for later. What kind of content can you create that your ideal client will want to save for later?

Our highest-saved posts are typically ideas to implement later, tutorial videos, and checklists. Our audience likes to bookmark these to access them when they have time, or so that they don’t forget the ideas.

The types of content people typically save are resources, ideas, tutorials, or tips.

When you’re creating a post, put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes. Look at your post: would they want to bookmark this info for later?

Savable post ideas for real estate agents:

    • 5 Hidden Gems to Checkout in [City]
    • Tutorial for Organizing your Pantry
    • My Top Home Buying Apps/Resources
    • Tips for Finding an Off-Market Home
    • Home Maintenance Checklist
    • Spotlight Local Restaurants or Businesses to Check Out
    • Home Design/Cleaning Hacks & Tips
    • Mistakes to Avoid Buying/Selling, First Steps, etc

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Haley Ingram

Haley is the Founder and CEO of Coffee & Contracts. When she's not helping agents grow their social media, you can find her at the beach or with her golden retriever, Lilo. Connect with her on Instagram @hayingram.