Instagram Growth & Strategy • January 23, 2024
Instagram Growth & Strategy

January 23, 2024

The 2024 Guide to Instagram Reels for Real Estate Agents


What are Instagram reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature on Instagram allowing users to create and share short, engaging videos up to 90 seconds long. It offers various editing tools, including AR effects, music, and alignment options for seamless transitions. Reels can be shared widely on the platform, enhancing discoverability. They’re a key tool for creators to express themselves, reach new audiences, and engage with the community. This feature is part of Instagram’s response to the growing popularity of short-form video content, similar to what’s seen on TikTok.

Why should real estate agents be using Instagram reels?

Reels are great for reaching new audiences.

Instagram Reels can help real estate agents reach people beyond their current followers. The Instagram algorithm is designed to show content to users based on their interests. For real estate agents, this means that Reels focusing on topics like local city highlights or real estate insights have a good chance of reaching people who are interested in these subjects, even if they don’t already follow the agent’s account. This feature enhances the potential for agents to connect with a broader, relevant audience.

Reels are great for creatively marketing your listings and showcasing your expertise.

Agents can use Reels to show off properties in a fun and engaging way. They can also share tips and insights about real estate, demonstrating their knowledge in the field.

Reels can be repurposed for TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

Videos made as Reels can be easily shared on TikTok and YouTube Shorts. This means agents can reach audiences on multiple platforms without creating new content for each one.

Reels are engaging and help your audience get to know you.

Through Reels, agents can show their personality and connect with their audience. This helps build trust, which is important in real estate.

How do I post a reel?

To post a Reel on Instagram, you start by tapping the ‘+’ icon and selecting ‘Reel’. You can then record a video or upload one from your gallery. After recording or selecting your video, you can edit it with various tools like adding music, text, and effects. Once you’re happy with your Reel, you can write a caption, choose a cover photo, and share it on Instagram. 

What tools do you recommend for editing reels?

For editing Instagram Reels, CapCut, the Captions app, and Coffee & Contracts are excellent tools. 


CapCut offers advanced editing features and effects, making it suitable for creating high-quality and engaging content. I enjoy using CapCut to create and edit reels because I can save them and easily repurpose it for TikTok and YouTube Shorts. There is also much more editing capability on CapCut. CapCut also has a ton of great templates and effects.

Coffee & Contracts

Coffee & Contracts provides tailored content ideas and templates, particularly useful for real estate professionals. These tools can help in creating visually appealing and effective Reels.

Does Coffee & Contracts provide done-for-you, ready-to-post Reels?

We provide all of the templates and tools you need to create engaging and authentic reels that are unique to you. To get the most out of our templates, we recommend adding in your own videos and personal touches.

B-Roll Reel Templates

Coffee & Contracts offers “B-Roll” Reel Templates, which are particularly easy to use and effective for creating engaging Instagram Reels. These templates streamline the process of making Reels, allowing for the creation of visually appealing content without needing extensive video editing skills. The use of B-Roll templates can significantly enhance the quality and attractiveness of your Reels, making them more engaging for your audience.

Reel Idea Library

Coffee & Contracts offers a “Reel Idea Library,” which is a resource for users to get ideas and inspiration for creating Instagram Reels. This library likely includes a variety of templates, concepts, and examples that users can adapt to their own needs. To achieve results on Instagram, it’s essential to create unique content. Remember, to get results on Instagram, it’s important to create content that is unique to you. This is why Coffee & Contracts offers the Reel Ideas Library, providing a foundation to inspire and kickstart your own unique content creation journey.

Reel Cover Templates

Coffee & Contracts offers high-quality Instagram Reel Cover templates to create attractive cover images for your Reels, making them more appealing in your feed.

Reel Scripts

Coffee & Contracts Members can access ready-made reel scripts designed to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged all the way through. 

Trending Reel Audios (Coffee Drip)

In the free weekly email newsletter Coffee Drip by Coffee & Contracts, subscribers receive three trending Reel audios and accompanying Reel ideas each week. This service helps users stay updated with popular trends and provides inspiration for creating engaging Instagram Reels.

ChatGPT Prompts

Coffee & Contracts Members have access to a ChatGPT Prompt Library with prompts designed to help generate ideas and guide content creation using ChatGPT, providing a unique angle for your Reels.

Can I schedule a reel in advance?

As of 2024, Instagram allows the scheduling of Reels in advance. This feature can be particularly useful for maintaining a consistent posting schedule and managing content strategically. By scheduling Reels, users can plan their posts during peak engagement times, even if they are not available to post in real-time. This can help in increasing the visibility and effectiveness of their content.

What types of reels should I post?


A B-Roll Reel is a type of Instagram Reel that uses supplementary footage, focusing on visuals rather than direct narration. These Reels are notably easier to create as they don’t require the creator to be on camera, making them ideal for those who prefer not to be the focal point. This format allows for creative and engaging storytelling through visual elements.

Green Screen

This type of Reel allows you to record yourself with different backgrounds, which can be useful for creating informative or entertaining content. Real estate agents can record green screen reels with a screenshot of an article behind them, discussing their take on the article. We also love to create a list in the Notes app and take a screenshot. Then create a Green Screen video sharing your list with your audience.

Talking Head

The “Talking Head” type of Reel is excellent for storytelling. It’s important to start with a compelling hook to immediately capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the video. This format allows for a personal, direct connection, making it ideal for sharing stories, experiences, or insights in a way that is relatable and engaging.

How frequently should I post Reels to maximize engagement without overwhelming my followers?

For maximizing engagement without overwhelming followers, it’s generally recommended to post Reels a few times a week. Consistency is key. We recommend focusing on quality over quantity: Posting once a day would be great, but only if the content is quality. 3 reels per week is a great target.

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