Instagram Reels • February 20, 2024
Instagram Reels

February 20, 2024

This is How I’d Increase Instagram Engagement in 2024

This is How I'd Increase Instagram Engagement

There was an Instagram post I shared recently that resonated with a few of you…

It was a hot take that you actually don’t have low engagement.

Instead I posed a few questions:

  1. Are you comparing your engagement to viral content or accounts that do content creation full time?
  2. Are you trying to build a content creation business or a real estate business?

Here’s my proposal

Focus on meaningful metrics. This is the number of inquiries, buyer consults scheduled, quality leads, people joining your email list and conversion rates.

Today I’m talking about how I’d increase Instagram engagement to make an impact on the metrics above.

Speak to your ideal client

When someone lands on your Instagram profile, is it obvious in your recent 6 posts exactly who you serve? If your posts broadly address everyone, you will appeal to no one in particular.

If you don’t have an ideal client in mind, think about who you enjoyed working with in the past, or a common client type you already serve. Now create content that speaks directly to them. What questions do they have? What frustrations do they face? What are their ambitions? What obstacles are they overcoming? What information would be pertinent to them?

Use scroll-stopping hooks:

You already know from experience scrolling on Instagram or TikTok, a hook is what makes the viewer stop and stick around. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how amazing the value is inside the post if the viewer keeps scrolling.

For writing a compelling hook, this is what I’d focus on: Evoking emotion and putting myself in the viewer’s shoes. Asking myself: When I read this hook, would I think: “I HAVE TO KNOW what they’re about to say!” 

Here are a few swaps:

Instead of saying: “3 ways to boost curb appeal” 
Try this: “We packed the open house after my sellers did THIS to their yard”

Instead of saying: “Popular new construction communities in Sarasota”
Try this: “My phone keeps ringing… it’s first time buyers requesting to tour this development”

One more note here: Make sure you’re taking every opportunity to include a hook. In a feed post, there are 2 opportunities for hooks: on the first page of your design and at the start of your caption. In a Reel, there are 3 opportunities: The first words you say in your video, at the start of your caption, and in the Reel’s cover photo.

Tell those stories

Generic tips? See you never! Instead, tell a story from personal experiences that speaks to your ideal client, evokes emotion, and packs real value.

Personal anecdotes and lessons learned are FAR more compelling than rattling off generic tips.

Here are a few swaps:

Generic: Buyers: Beware of these inspection pitfalls
Make it personal: What a flooding toilet taught me

Generic: 3 curb appeal tips to make your listing stand out
Make it personal: The crash course in landscaping that saved our listing

Let us in on who you are

You are so much more than your job. And it turns out, people will find you WAY more relatable and approachable if you share your personality and what you do outside of real estate.

My favorite place to get personal? Instagram stories.

Let’s say you are Merriam-Webster’s definition of a foodie. Cooking is your meditation. You love to try new recipes, buy from local farmer’s markets, and you’re obsessed with checking out new restaurants in town. Share what recipes knocked your socks off, what markets you’re attending, and why that hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant deserves a Michelin Star. Sharing what you do and love outside of real estate opens up countless opportunities for connection with your followers.

Help them visualize

I was recently shopping online for rugs. While browsing, one of the sites included an image of the rug styled in a real living room. It instantly helped me visualize the rug in my own space and I ended up making a purchase.

The same method applies in your real estate marketing. A few great ways to help people visualize working with you is to grab photos and b-roll video (short video clips) of absolutely everything you’re doing. Preparing for an open house, attending a walkthrough, talking on the phone, eating a snack in your car, working on a CMA, preparing for a buyer consult, organizing marketing material, working at a coffee shop. (P.S. A tripod is your best friend).

Once you’ve gathered clips, it’s time to tell a visual story. Instead of writing out what a generic buying process looks like on a graphic, use the video clips you’ve gathered and narrate the buying story of one of your clients. Highlighting the wins and things you overcame together. This accomplishes two things 1) the viewer now understands the buying process and 2) they know EXACTLY what it looks like to work with you.

Instead of: Sharing how to prepare a listing for the market
Make it visual: Use a video of your listing being staged and narrate your approach and tactics for getting a showing listing-ready and buzzing with interest. (Bonus if you can share the results or wins!)

Instead of: Sharing that there’s affordable inventory in your area
Make it visual: Grab screenshots of move-in ready homes under $450k from your MLS and piece them together in a video. Here is a great example from C&C Coach Marie Lee @movemetotennessee.

Call to action

The end of your posts is your opportunity to invite the viewer to take action! Of course, the CTA depends on the goal you are trying to achieve. Here are a few examples:

Goal: Get [ideal client] to schedule a consult
CTA: Head to the link in my bio to schedule a 15 minute call

Goal: Get [ideal client] on my email list in exchange for my free resource using comment automation (ManyChat).
CTA: Comment “[word]” and I’ll send over my [free resource]”

Goal: Get [first time buyers] in my ecosystem
CTA: Watch my [first-time buyer] training at the link in my bio

Goal: Get [local moms] on my email list to nurture and build trust
CTA: Get local kid-friendly events straight to your inbox every week

Your turn!

Go out and give these strategies a try in your own marketing. Come back and let us know how they worked for you. And, if you’d like to see a part two on this topic, let us know in the comments.

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