Five Canva Hacks to Know

If you’ve been around here before, you know that our love for Canva knows no boundaries – seriously! Canva is a graphic design platform that makes graphic design accessible to the masses. Read on for five Canva hacks to know that will help you make your graphic designing efficient and effortless.

TLDR: Watch a quick video of these Canva hacks here.


Hack One: Combine Your Designs

In the left vertical toolbar, select More > Folders > All your Designs. Select from any previous design you’ve made and add it into your current design. This will help you save time by preventing you from creating the same design twice.

Hack Two: Connect to Dropbox or Google Drive

In the left vertical toolbar, select More > under “Import Your Media” select Dropbox or Google Drive. This will enable you to quickly pull in images to your design without having to download them from an outside source and then upload them into Canva. 

Hack Three: Tidy Up a List

Instead of manually aligning a list of text,  tidy up the list with a few quick clicks. Select all of the elements you wish to align > Click “Position” on the top horizontal toolbar > Click “Position to left” > Click “Tidy Up”.

Hack Four: Add a Gradient Effect on Your Design

Have you ever wanted to spruce up a flat colored background? Now you can take it up a notch with a gradient background. Under Elements, search for “Gradient that fades to transparency”. Click the design with the purple gradient and adjust the color and transparency to give your design some added dimension.

Hack Five: Change All Fonts

Instead of manually changing the fonts on a group of Canva designs, change one font and check for a pop-up box in the bottom left of your screen. Click “Change All” and see your font transform across all of your designs. Neat!

There you have it – Canva hacks to know for efficient and effortless creating. Do. you have a  favorite Canva hack we missed here? Let us know in the comments below. Looking for more marketing help as a Realtor? Join us!

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