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May 25, 2022

Summer Social Media Ideas for Realtors

Summer Social Media Ideas for Realtors
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Planning social media marketing ideas for the summer season can be a challenge, especially in today's competitive market. Realtors want to make the most out of their time and present their clients with the best information possible. When wondering how to keep track of social media marketing for a real estate business and still maintain a social life this summer, top summer social media ideas can help gain traction without adding unnecessary stress to the summer months.

Get Involved in Summer Events

There are a lot of activities that take place in the community during the summer months. Various activities and events have large gatherings, from summer sports to the local pool or fairs. Involving yourself in summer events is a great way to establish an affiliation without necessarily being present. Realtors may choose to sponsor an event to get their name on other social media pages or even on shirts or advertising.

Promote Actively and Authentically

When attracting new business, it's essential for realtors to keep posts fresh, while promoting their business actively and authentically. Overly repetitive posts are easy for any audience to tune out and scroll past. Include social media posts that attract an audience to specific topics and make potential clients or customers read more or share. Combining these will show a desire to assist people by actively engaging in business and the community. The more authentic a realtor is, the more potential clients can relate to the realtor and their business.

Provide Valuable Content

While the draw might be to make posts about how hot the market is right now, it's important to provide valuable content for one's audience. As summer approaches, switch to filling the social media feed with homes in neighborhoods with pools or parks or homes in top area school districts. Provide content that may help sellers in the local market as well.

Prepare a Fall Campaign

During the summer, try to use spare time to prepare for a fall campaign. Create content ahead of time to have more time to focus on clients in the busy fall season. Diligence to summer social media posts and content allows a smooth transition to the fall season and keeps that momentum going.

Reassess the Current Plan

With a current marketing plan in place, summer presents a fantastic opportunity to reassess it. Since the beginning of the year, things will change and the original plan may need tweaking. There might be a need to address a new target audience, generate new listings, or even reassess the target area. Adding a new social media platform or adding new content to current platforms may be the boost your campaigns need to make it through the summer.

Summer presents an exciting yet opportunistic challenge in any real estate career. By getting involved, promoting actively and authentically, providing valuable content, preparing a fall campaign, and reassessing the current plan, realtors can take advantage of the summer months to boost and expand their social media presence.

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