Social media is the most important marketing tool for realtors. Your business can grow exponentially if you learn how to convert social media activity into client relationships. Check out a few of our favorite social media post idea!

social media post ideas

10 Social Media Post Ideas

Expert Advice

As we all know, the real estate market is crazy right now. So, there are tons of new, and experienced, buyers on the market who might need some advice. Use your experience, and offer them advice on what to look for in a home, what to avoid, etc. Not only will you be helping them along the home buying process, but you will be building up your credibility.

Market Updates

As we mentioned before, the market is crazy right now and always changing. Make it a habit to update your followers and potential clients on major shits on the local and national real estate market. Tell them what they can expect going forward.

Day In the Life

Making a post about what an average day would be like at a specific property is a fun and interesting way to generate buzz about a property. Walk your followers through what a morning or evening would be like at that property. Potential buyers may connect with that property more than they would if you simply posted pictures of it.

Featured Listings

That is not to say there is anything wrong with posting photos of a home you are selling! In fact, featured listings are tried and true methods of showing off homes.

Video Series

A fun video series is a great way to keep your followers interested. a “Fixer-Up Friday” series detailing the work you are doing on a home you want to flip is a great way to keep your followers returning for updates.


Memes about the homebuying process and pop culture are a great way to show your audience that you’re a real person! Your audience may get tired of advertisements and “sales-y” posts. Sometimes people get on social media and just want to laugh.

Holiday or Seasonal Posts

While they may seem cliche, posting about the holidays, or making use of seasonal content give your social media profiles more personality. It gives your follower and potential customers something to relate to.

Community Service

There is nothing wrong with showing that you are active in your community. However, it is important that any content you post is focused on promoting the organization, not your own good deeds.

Community Business or Even Spotlights

When people buy a home, they are joining a community as well. Try to highlight some of the top local business or community events in the places that you list homes. These posts can help potential buyers gauge whether or not a particular community fits their lifestyle

Contests or Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. So contests and giveaways are a great way to grow your audience and keep your followers around. Just remember to post pictures of the winner, and always read the social media website’s guidelines about contests.

Social media is a great tool for realtors to obtain leads and market listings. Remember to keep it personal and make sure all of your content fits well within your brand. If you want access to our marketing tool kit and more social media post ideas, join today!