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September 21, 2023

Benefits of Using Instagram Reels for Realtors

Benefits of Using Instagram Reels for Realtors

If you’re anything like I was when I was growing my real estate business, I wasn’t sure what platforms I should use to expand my reach to find more leads to sell homes to. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming! Not only that, there’s always concern about “what is right?” “what should I be doing?” “Will this help my business or hurt it?”. Seriously, we’ve all been there.

Today, I’d like to open up the curtain and show you what is possible with one of my favorite platforms - Instagram - and my favorite tool to use on Instagram - Instagram Reels. These are solid GOLD.

My goal is to explore the many benefits of incorporating Instagram Reels into your marketing toolkit. Whether you're seeking to rekindle client relationships, build a personal brand, empower your team, or simply elevate your real estate game, Instagram Reels offers an exciting platform to help you achieve these goals!

If you aren’t sure what Instagram Reels are, I have an awesome article that covers all the must-knows about it to get you going quickly! Check it out here.

Instagram Reels Benefits

Let’s Increase Engagement

Engagement, my friends, is the secret sauce to social media success, and Instagram Reels brings a whole toolbox to make it shine. Imagine this: you want to attract more eyeballs, spark conversations, and learn from the pros, right?

Well, you're in the right place!

To make your Instagram Reels truly sizzle, let's start with getting more views. Think about showcasing those fantastic property tours, highlighting the quirkiest features, and giving folks a virtual tour of the local scene. It's not just about wooing buyers but also piquing the interest of potential sellers.

Now, about those interactions – craft your captions to be conversation starters, asking viewers to comment, like, and share their thoughts is a game changer. And here's a neat trick: use polls and questions to get folks engaged and learn what gets them excited.

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Enhance Your Brand

Building your brand identity through social isn’t as simple as “copy and paste”. Real Estate is already competitive when it comes to having the best listings and phenomenal clients which is why it’s crucial for you to establish your very own and UNIQUE brand. (If you don’t have a brand, check out our best practices here)

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Instagram Reels opens the door to allow visuals into your personality and expertise. Through reels, you can go beyond property listings and let your audience get to know the real you. By being authentic, you can share unique insights, tips for homebuyers, trends, and lessons you’ve learned as a realtor.

And just like building your brand for your website, the same rules apply to posts and reels. Stay consistent with themes, colors, and logos and you will have not only a professional presence but it also creates a recognizable brand. Being a realtor is all about being in the “people business” which is why having a consistent brand will build trust and reliability for your audience.

Here is a template to help get you started!

Ways to Showcase Properties

Virtual tours have become the “norm” for realtors, and Instagram Reels offers an exciting canvas to showcase them creatively. Think smooth transitions, cool angles, and engaging music to guide viewers through a virtual walkthrough that feels like it’s in-person.

Highlight unique property features like killer views, stylish kitchens, or cozy outdoor spots. Stay in sync with trends and seasons, keeping your content fresh. Explore our article on Real Estate Reels to Try During Summer for additional insights and inspiration on this topic. With virtual tours and trend-savvy content in your Instagram Reels toolbox, you'll captivate your audience like a pro.

Want to Reach a Younger Audience?

Younger homebuyers and renters have distinct preferences, examples being eco-friendly features and smart home tech. Work on getting their attention by creating content with Reels about the home-buying process, tips for budgeting, or trending neighborhood highlights.

Another way to reach younger homebuyers is through collaborating with influencers who fit your target audience. This partnership expands your reach but also third party validation builds more trust with you as the expert. The more you understand this demographic, the more you can tailor Instagram Reels to resonate and build your audience.

Invest in Marketing Wisely

And we can’t forget about ROI (Return on Investment)! Track the metrics - views, likes, comments, and click-through rates. By comparing costs to engagement, you enhance your strategy. It's data-driven magic that proves Instagram Reels are a cost-effective, results-driven asset in your real estate marketing.

Best Practices for Realtors

Embracing best practices is your golden ticket to AMAZING results!

  • Kick off with some content planning – create a content calendar that lays out when and what you'll post. Keep your theme consistency in line with your personal branding to keep your audience eagerly anticipating your next Reel.

  • Filming Techniques – Think lighting, angles, and editing. Lighting is your secret weapon; get it right, and your video quality soars. Creative angles and clean editing will take your content up a notch, making it visually irresistible.

  • Analytics are your compass – Regularly track your Reels' performance. Metrics like views, likes, comments, and shares hold the secrets to what's hitting the bullseye and what needs a tweak. Use this data to fine-tune your strategy and stay in tune with your audience's preferences.

  • Let's talk legal – Make sure you've got all the permissions you need, respect copyright laws, and handle any necessary disclosures.

By following these best practices, you'll create Instagram Reels that not only capture your audience's attention but also deliver real results in your real estate marketing efforts.

The Bottom Line

Whether you're a seasoned agent, a newcomer, or a leader in the field, Instagram Reels adapts to your needs. It's the tool that lets you tell your real estate story, from boosting engagement to showcasing properties. Elevate your brand with personal flair, visual consistency, and compelling storytelling. Engage your audience with captivating virtual tours, feature highlights, and timely content.

Tailor your approach, collaborate with influencers, and optimize ROI with budget-friendly tools. Stay on the right side of the law and at the top of your game with best practices. Unleash the true power of Reels on your real estate journey.

Sound like a bit too much to tackle? Just don’t have the time for all of this? No worries! That’s exactly why I created the Coffee & Contracts community. Join a vibrant community of other real estate agents just like you and amplify your real estate success!

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