At Coffee & Contracts, one of our foremost goals is this: Help you master social media marketing as an agent. If this resonates with you, this piece was written for YOU!

After years building our own social media account (@coffeecontracts), our Founder, Haley, put together her best practices for social media marketing as an agent. Join us as she breaks it down step-by-step and shares the associated cost to implement each recommendation (💰).

Let’s jump right in!

Step One

Create a brand kit with logo variations, colors, & fonts in Canva.

We love Canva for so many reasons. One of them is the ability to create your own personal brand kit with colors, fonts, and logo variations! Check out the detailed video here where we cover how to create your very own brand kit.

Cost: You can use Canva for free or sign up for Canva Pro for premium templates and features at $13/mo or $120/year

Step Two

Take personal branding photos.

Invest in your business by hiring a local brand photographer. These images will instantly elevate your brand and will be useful for so many occasions. To name a few: social media marketing, print material, presentations, interviews and events. 

Cost: Prices vary but expect to pay between $250 and $5,000.

TIP: Look for photographers who offer “mini sessions.” These are quick shoots with fewer images, but great if you’re wanting to get started on a budget!

You can also DIY photos with your phone, a $30 tripod and natural lighting. Interested in learning more? Read our Complete Guide to Branding Photos here.

Step Three

Choose a niche that aligns with your experiences.

Let’s say you’re a veteran. Focus on sharing your expertise working with other veterans. Perhaps you have extensive knowledge of VA loans or have personal experience relocating. Use that knowledge as an opportunity to educate and connect with your audience.

Cost: $0

Content creation tip: Come up with 3-5 “content pillars”, or topics, that you’ll share about, and assign each pillar to a day of the week. (Content pillar examples: First time home buyer education, things to do locally/local spotlights, home design tips, etc.)

Coffee & Contracts Members: Filter templates in the Content Vault by Content Pillar, or by searching keywords.

Step Four

Engage & Interact

Get your name out there by interacting with local real estate Instagram accounts & Facebook groups. Turn on post notifications for popular local accounts, or real estate industry pages and be one of the first to comment.

Coffee & Contracts Members: Interact in our Member’s Facebook Group. Great advice and referrals are always being shared amongst members. That’s just the beginning – join thousands of members who have seen their businesses grow while implementing our trainings and templates. We’re proud to say: using our marketing toolkit will help you master social media marketing as an agent.

Cost: Coffee & Contracts ($54/mo or $540/year)

Step Five

Preview Listings

Preview new listings that are perfect for my niche (veterans, in this example) and share some videos of the listing on my story with a question sticker. I would also use stories to show behind the scenes of how I’m working to build my real estate business, and get my audience involved (and invested) in the journey.

Tip: First, ask the listing agent for permission to preview the listing. Come up with a text template you can fire off letting them know you’re a new agent trying to drum up business on Instagram and ask if you can feature their listing on your Instagram stories. You can offer to credit them as the listing agent.

Cost: $0

Step Six

Create valuable resources

Create a valuable resources like a “Local’s Guide to [Your City]” or “90 Days to Homeowner Guide” and use these as incentives in a landing page. Consistently promote these resources in order to gather emails and build your email list.

Cost: Email newsletter platforms range in prices. ConvertKit has a free version, $9/month version, and $25/month version. MailChimp also has a free version, $13/month version, and $20/month version. Flodesk is $420 annual, $35 monthly.

Step Seven

Lean into videos

Record storytelling-style reels and even try some Reel trends. Tip: Subscribe to Coffee & Contracts Newsletter for Reel ideas and audios to use!

Use ChatGPT to rework the C&C caption templates into video scripts. Specify your preferred tone of voice and style.

Cost: Using your phone and a tripod is all you need to get started! If you wish to take your video production up a notch, investing in a nice Sony ZV-1 camera is $750 and a microphone will run about $100. Download CapCut, a free video editing app, on Apple or Google Play. The pro version of CapCut is $75 which has premium features and allows you to download videos without the CapCut watermark.

Ready to see a cost breakdown?