Branding & Niche • November 29, 2023
Branding & Niche

November 29, 2023

4 Ways to Get Creative with C&C Content

real estate fall marketing
real estate fall marketing

Four Ways to Get Creative with C&C Content

01 – Turn Content Calendar Captions into Email Newsletters

Are you looking to grow and nurture an email list? Coffee & Contracts captions are so versatile and can be easily repackaged for email newsletters.

02 – Turn Marketing Guides into Video Trainings

Here, Coffee & Contracts Member, Jessica used a New Buyer Guide as a script for an informational video. She included some footage of herself (nice!) and filmed the rest in a beautiful listing. Finally, she added an upbeat audio track and voilá – The perfect educational video!

03 – Add Personal Branding Photos to Content Calendar Templates

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – including a personal photo in your C&C templates will generate awesome engagement! Remember, posts that included a person’s face are 38% more likely to get engagement (a comment or like) than those without faces. (Georgia Tech)  Don’t be afraid to get behind the camera with the help of a professional photographer, or head to this post for tips on taking branding photos of yourself.

04 – Add Personal Branding Videos to Content Calendar Templates

To take personal branding photos a step further, use a personal branding video with the C&C content calendar templates to grab the attention of your audience. 

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