6 ways to customize coffee & contracts templates

We often receive the question, “How can I customize the Coffee & Contracts templates to make them my own?” We’re glad you asked! There are SO many ways to use our templates, captions, and ideas and tweak them to make them unique to YOU! Follow along for 6 ways to customize Coffee & Contracts templates as a real estate professional.

Use a caption as a video script

Coffee & Contracts members have access to hundreds of captions that can be easily converted into a video script for YouTube, Reels, and TikToks. In this example, a member used one of our templates about discipline to record a Reel. She incorporated animations and captions to keep the viewer interested.

Check out the app “Captions: For Talking Videos” for a teleprompter, editing, and automatic captions like the video example below:

Use Personal Branding Photos in our Templates

Using professional branding photos in our templates will not only help you stand out from the crowd, it will help you to establish credibility, professionalism and trust.

Drop your personal branding photos into one of our templates, or use it on it’s own with one of our caption templates.

Coffee & Contracts Members: We provide a Quarterly Branding Photo Guide with a list of shots to grab for the upcoming quarter.

Use content from The Broke Agent templates in a reel

Repurpose our templates and content ideas from The Broke Agent templates into funny and relatable videos. Each month, browse through 50+ ideas from The Broke Agent and keep your audience laughing with timely and relatable ideas.

Subscribe to our email newsletter for 3 trending Reel audios and ideas each week. Use those trending audios to get more eyes on your videos.

Change the colors, fonts & layouts of our template to match your branding

All of our templates are completely customizable in Canva. This means, our members have the flexibility to change the fonts, colors, and layouts to make the template fit their preferences.

Additionally, if you are subscribed to Canva Pro, you can upload your brand kit into Canva for quick and easy template customizations!

Use your own stock images or listing photos (with photographer persmission)

Purchase your own stock images, ask your branding photographer to grab some at your next shoot, or ask interior design Instagram accounts if you can use their photo with proper tagging and credit.

Use the image with one of our captions, or drop it into one of our templates!

Use a caption or idea from our templates to film a Reel

Create a reel using points or insights from one of our captions templates, or design templates.

In this example, a member used the template idea as inspiration for a Reel and used a trending audio to receive more views.

Subscribe to our email newsletter for 3 trending reel audios and ideas each week.

There you have it! 6 ways to customize coffee & contracts templates. What did you think? How do you customize our templates?

ICYMI: (All of the templates referenced in the post are available to Coffee & Contracts Members). If you’re interested in taking your real estate marketing to the next level, join the Coffee & Contracts membership.

Have questions? Leave them below in the comments!

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