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Your job is to help people find their dream homes. Our job is to make your job as simple as possible.

Coffee & Contracts is your one-stop-shop for all the tools and resources you need to thrive online, increase your visibility, and attract new followers-turned-clients. 

Marketing your skills shouldn’t be so overwhelming and time-consuming. There’s always a new platform to keep up with, or a new social media algorithm to figure out. We know your time is precious so let’s just go ahead and take Marketing 101 off your already-full plate.

We’re here to help you gain confidence in your social media marketing so you can show up authentically online. With our membership, you’ll gain access to a powerhouse marketing toolkit and database packed with everything you need to get those leads sliding into your DMs.

It’s time to see real results. 

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Hey there! I’m Haley Ingram, the creator behind Coffee & Contracts. 

I started this community in September 2019. A recent grad leading up to the launch, I was growing in the field of real estate but all my leads were coming from Instagram, never once from a cold call. I began to see my focus shift pretty quickly when I found my best hours go towards helping other agents with their social media marketing. I realized my passion was for graphic design and marketing so I decided to lean all the way in. 

Today, this thriving community exists to help agents grow online through the power of social media so they can unlock more time to focus on their true passion: helping people find homes.

Don’t just take our word for it…

C&C has enormously helped my business because of the TIME I have! Before C&C, I was making everything in Canva and honestly was very comfortable with it, and I think I was making solid content. The problem is, I was spending WAY too long on templates and captions and trying to think of creative things to post. I was losing time I could have been prospecting, and when my deals got busy my social media lacked. C&C allows me to keep my business going smoothly AND have a beautiful, interactive, informational, and authentic social media page.

Kendall Burt


The instagram stories are brilliant! It’s so important to have engaging content in stories. So much of my content is personal or behind the scenes in my stories. I love that the C&C stories give me a chance to drop in valuable real estate information that my followers can interact with. I love the monthly content ideas that spark my creativity. The perfect example of how collaboration can help you grow!

Kat West


My favorite thing about C&C is collaborating with women all over the country. I have made so many friends from being apart of this community. Coffee & Contacts has helped my business so much. I am able to put out consistent content without having to come up with it all myself. Coffee & Contracts has helped me show up more on social media with less pressure because a lot of the work is done for me.

Shanice Tucker


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