instagram for realtors

Only 52% of all realtors are on Instagram, according to the National Association of Realtors. That’s substantially less than the 90% of realtors using Facebook professionally. However, evidence shows that the 48% of realtors yet to join Instagram are missing valuable marketing opportunities. These are just five of the reasons those Instagram-savvy realtors use the platform to market their businesses.

1. Instagram’s Visual Focus Suits Showcasing Homes

Instagram is a platform for sharing visual elements, so it’s a natural choice for marketing real estate. Realtors can post photographs of homes or add videos walking followers through the properties. They can add multiple images and videos to a post, making it a more effective marketing tool than the old-fashioned single-picture newspaper listings. With reels for promoting new listings and live videos capturing auctions as they happen, Instagram is a platform made for real estate.

2. There’s Less Competition on the Platform

The slow adoption of Instagram among realtors is one of its greatest strengths. The realtors who do use Instagram can stand out more easily on a platform where only half of their competitors have visibility. As many realtors haven’t embraced Instagram yet, the ones on the platform appear more modern and youthful.

3. Instagram Helps Realtors Connect With People Buying Homes

While other realtors may not be on Instagram, buyers certainly are. Millennials and Generation Zs love Instagram, with 18- to 34-year-olds accounting for 61.6% of the platform’s total users. With Millennials now making up 43% of all new homebuyers — more than any other demographic — finding ways to connect with them is vital. Generation Z is the generation just behind them, so engaging this audience early can also be a great way to create brand recognition and loyalty. Meeting current and future buyers in a digital space they love provides an obvious marketing opportunity.

4. Instagram Users Are Open to Marketing

While some social media users find marketing intrusive, Instagram users want to engage with businesses. Nine out of 10 users follow at least one business account and 83% say they discover new products and services while using the platform. Half of all Instagram users add that brands become more appealing when they see them advertised on Instagram.

5. Instagram Can Improve a Realtor’s Image

Realtors have an image problem, with just 11% of people considering them trustworthy, according to Purplebricks. Instagram can help realtors improve their reputations by showing a more human side through their images and copy. For example, a realtor might post pictures of their dog in the office or share their passion for their local area in their content. As realtors show more of themselves on Instagram, they can build goodwill and trust. By the time someone meets a realtor they follow on Instagram in person, they may already like them and want to do business with them. Transitioning to a new social media platform can be daunting, but Instagram is so effective, realtors can’t afford to miss the opportunities it presents. Coffee & Contracts makes launching and maintaining an Instagram profile easy, with thousands of templates for realtors. By providing fresh content every month, Coffee & Contracts helps realtors connect with social media users now and in the future.