tiktok for realtors

TikTok is the latest social media trend to sweep the nation. Experts in many industries are finding value in the popular app, including real estate professionals. There are many reasons to consider using TikTok to take your real estate strategy to the next level.

Attract a Younger Generation of Buyer

TikTok attracts users of all age ranges with the ages 20-29 years making up the second-largest category of users. While the younger end of this range may not yet be looking at buying or selling a house, users in their mid to late-20s are graduating college, getting married, and starting families. Buying a house shortly follows this timeline, meaning realtors can attract more buyers for their listings.

Many prospective buyers in this age range may not know the steps it takes to buy a house, or what things they should be doing to prepare now. By sharing this information in a low-pressure way, such as making fun videos on TikTok, realtors can help attract, and set younger generations up for buying. When they are ready to buy, they’ll have the information they need and they’re more likely to remember who gave it to them.

Nurture the Marketing Funnel

A typical marketing sales funnel is made up of six levels, which include awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and purchase. Realtors typically don’t enter the cycle until the interest or consideration phases. TikTok offers a unique platform for realtors to begin nurturing potential sellers at the awareness phase, helping them generate leads.

Position Yourself as an Expert

Sellers and buyers alike want to choose a realtor with experience to help them make a good real estate decision. Yet, it can be difficult for a realtor to demonstrate this experience and expertise to a potential customer considering the average person only reaches out to one or two realtors. They may ask family and friends to connect them with someone, rather than interviewing multiple realtors. 

TikTok provides the opportunity to position yourself as an expert. It also provides potential sellers with valuable information before they ever need it. By the time they’re ready to make a real estate deal, they’ll turn to the realtors they know or the ones they follow.

Get More Views on Listings

Many realtors earn a significant portion of their income from listings. The more views a realtor can get on a listing, the better chances that it will sell not only faster but at a higher price. Because TikTok is a visual app, it’s the perfect platform for showing listings. Adding in a few creative edits and pairing listing walkthroughs with trending music is a great way to get people to notice a listing.

TikTok can also help realtors show off what makes a property unique. By sharing quirky designs or unique layouts, users are more likely to share the video with friends or duet it, which continues to increase the number of views. If a realtor can get a video to go viral, they can get hundreds of thousands to millions of views on a listing.

As new generations enter the real estate market, it’s important to adapt marketing strategies. TikTok for realtors makes selling houses not only more effective but also a fun strategy to implement.