Land More Real Estate Leads With TikTok

TikTok and real estate may not seem like an obvious pairing, but the truth is, TikTok can offer the perfect way for realtors to build community and find leads. Here’s how realtors can land more real estate leads with TikTok.

Find a Niche

There’s no denying TikTok’s reach. To have success on the platform, though, it’s important to understand what its users value. TikTok users are drawn to unique accounts. Anyone can find a realtor’s content thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, so by focusing on a niche topic, realtors have the flexibility to get creative and have fun. TikTok offers a platform for realtors to find a gap where their real estate business can make an impact.

Fortunately, real estate provides an automatic topic. Realtors can create and share quick clips that highlight the work they do. On TikTok, realtors can drill down, focusing on specific aspects of their brand, offering behind-the-scenes content to make their business the go-to for insight.

Create Engaging Content

Once a realtor has found their niche on TikTok, it’s time to create the content that makes their account thrive. Consistently creating niche content allows an ideal audience to find and engage with the TikTok account. As a realtor’s online community grows, they can then direct that community beyond the TikTok account to other resources such as their website.

So, what kind of content is engaging? In the real estate world, that might look like:

  • Helpful how-to’s: If a realtor works in a chilly area, TikTok clips might cover how homeowners can combat the cold weather. Suggestions like how to clean out gutters, how to prepare pipes, and more can lead to fun, engaging, and ultimately useful content.
  • DIY decorating: Realtors can look back on their own cherished childhood decorating traditions during the holiday season to share some personal family favorites. Or, artsy realtors can build a niche showing off their fun and easy home decorating ideas.
  • Safety tips: Realtors can make their TikTok an essential resource for safety tips. For example, realtors can create content about how to safely hang lights during the holidays season without damaging a home’s interior or exterior.

Create a Content Calendar

As with other platforms, consistency is key. Developing a content calendar for a TikTok profile can help realtors stay on track. Realtors can brainstorm ideas and then plan their content for the next week or month from there.

Realtors should aim to create a posting schedule that’s actually doable. The platform rewards consistency, but it’s easy to get excited and start posting multiple times a day only to become overwhelmed and then go silent for several months. Instead, realtors can aim to post three to five times each week, then work their way up to more regular posting.

Realtors who work with other agents can tap into each other’s talents. Collaboration on TikTok content can lead to more fun, engaging posts — and drive leads for all agents who participate.

Abandon Perfection

Above all, TikTok users value authenticity. Realtors don’t need a cohesive aesthetic for TikTok success. This is the perfect platform for realtors to build engagement by showing off their personality.

TikTok and real estate content make a great pair, we hope this post has given you more confidence to land more real estate leads with TikTok.

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