One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “should I have one Instagram for my personal life and my real estate business, or should I have two separate accounts: one for personal, and one for real estate?”

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with the Instagram Setting’s “Business Account” where you can link your Facebook Business page. I’m talking about if you should have two separate accounts: an account designated to your real estate business and an account designated to your personal life, or if you should combine them into one. If you combine them into one, you should have this set up as a Business Account on Instagram settings and link it to your Facebook Business Page. This way you get to boost posts, see your insights and add a Contact button.

I used to go back and forth on the correct answer to this question, but I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion: You should combine your personal life and business life into ONE single account.

Here’s why having them combined into one account may be a good idea for you:

You’ll get much more engagements & reach more people from the start.

If you already have a personal Instagram account, you already have followers built up: your friends, family, and people you know. If you start mixing real estate posts in your feed, these people are going to see it and know that you’re in real estate.

If you start with a new account, you’ve got 0 followers to start with and you have to grow the account from there.

People like personal content mixed with business content.

People like to connect with other people, that’s why social media was invented! It’s not only important to mix personal content with real estate content but to make real estate content personal.

Nobody wants to follow a real estate bot posting generic advertisement after advertisement. They want to see what your day looks like, how you’re doing and what you’re up to! A balanced mix of personal and business posts is the secret sauce to remind your followers that you’re in real estate and that there is also a unique human-being behind the account.

 I converted my Instagram account to a business one and I get 10x the engagement of my agent friends that chose to create a separate business Instagram. My account also grew substantially faster that way with my sphere already following me. People like to know what you’re up too.

I’ve also gotten out of state referrals on Instagram. One agent said she specifically chose me because she could tell I was family oriented and a dog lover, qualities that were important to the clients she was sending me.

People need to be able to connect with you on Instagram and that requires more than just listing photos and constant self advertisements.

I do have a separate business page on Facebook because I think its important for people to be able to leave you reviews etc.

Kendall Early, @kendallearlyrealtor

Less confusion!

With two accounts, you may get some questions like this: “Uhh, which account is you? Which one should I tag?”

If you have two accounts, people may get mixed up. If they are tagging you in something, they won’t know which account to tag. If they are searching to follow you, they won’t know which to follow.

Also, you’ll have to balance managing both accounts. You’ll most likely end up spending much more time growing one account than the other. It will be easier for you to focus on one. Then you only have to grow one account, and you will have all of the engagements and followers combined on one account.

I just combined mine. It was really hard as a single mom to keep up with both. I have gotten a ton more interaction by combining them! People like to see into our personal lives and it sells. Literally. Be transparent. Good luck

Allie Chapman, @thenashrealestategirl

For maximum account growth, one account is the answer. For maximum personal privacy, two accounts may be the answer for you.

To grow your real estate account to become a lead-generating, referral-magnet, local-influencer machine: Combine business and personal! This is the best way to get growth, engagements and higher reach.

It may be a good idea for you to have two separate accounts if you are a very private person and do not like the idea of strangers seeing your personal life, then you will want to have a private account. And that’s okay too!

If you want to have a private account, that should not be where you are posting about your real estate business. If you have a private account you won’t get the same reach and insights as a public account would. Hashtags will not work for people to discover you, people won’t see you in the Explore page and you can not have your page set up as a Business Account in Instagram settings. However, if you want to keep it strictly business on one account and have a private account that only close friends and family can see, we recommend having two accounts.

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