You may think of other real estate agents as the competition. It’s true, you are competing for clients and listings, but when you are working with another agent on a transaction, you become a strange sort of team…competitors with a common goal: close the deal to everyone’s satisfaction.

Think about that wonderful feeling of closing a sale where you and the other agent worked well together. You communicated well, you problem-solved together, you could put your arms around each other for a photo at the closing table without wanting to strangle each other…That’s a great feeling.

The best part about that feeling is knowing that that agent is now part of your tribe, even if you work for different brokers. You have bonded. You are in each other’s network. You’ve got each others’ backs.

Supporting Your Competitors Lifts Everyone Up

Supporting your competition helps your industry thrive. We have all worked with agents who are difficult, unyielding, or just plain nasty. You see their name on a listing and pray your client won’t buy that house so you don’t have to work with them. How is that good for business?

Working with other agents helps everyone become more successful.

Create a Network of Problem Solvers

Working well with other agents, helping each other to find answers, solve problems, and make progress during transactions teaches you who knows what about what. You may have an issue down the road and remember that agent you worked with last year who knew a lot about that particular area. You want to have good relationships with agents who know more than you do and are happy to help you.

At some point down the road, you will become that person to another agent.

Want Referrals?

Referrals are the core of our business, and referrals from other agents are gold. Many agents don’t want business outside of their farm area, or they have more work than they can handle or vacation often and need someone to pass leads to. Developing relationships with other agents, and nurturing those connections, will bring you new business.

Here are some ideas for marketing yourself to other agents:

  • Follow other agents on social media. Like and comment on their posts. Congratulate them on closings.
  • Follow local real estate groups and use local real estate oriented hashtags.
  • Join forces to advertise properties in the same neighborhood.
  • Team up with other agents who have listings close to your listings for joint open house hours.
  • Participate in social events hosted by your Realtor’s association.
  • Include agents on your email newsletter so they can see what you are doing.