“How’s the market doing?” Do you look forward to answering this question or do you silently scream as you rack your brain for current statistics and try to formulate a professional-sounding response?

A market is an ever-changing concept, and no matter how well you keep up with statistics in your area, it can still be a tricky question to answer.

Of course, a lot depends on who is asking– a buyer, seller, investor, landlord, or tenant.

It also depends on location, price range, and type of

So, the perfect answer may be a non-answer.

“It depends…”

Sound like a cop-out? Or a stalling technique?

Not really. What you are doing is changing a question into an opportunity for an ongoing conversation. Instead of feeling against the wall to offer a litany of sales figures and market projections, redirect the questioning back to the potential client.

Why are they asking? Whatever their answer, find an
opportunity for you to connect with them. It may not be a good time for them to
sell their home, but maybe it’s a good time for them to consider buying an
investment property.

The key is to build a relationship and keep the conversation going. Make a connection and, if they decide not to make a move immediately, check back as the market changes.