instagram tips for realtors

Instagram is a popular tool for realtors and can be extremely useful for growing a real estate business. But having the right strategy is key to making the most of social media accounts and exposing more clients to products. When using Instagram, there are several things realtors can do to expand their reach. This article contains four Instagram tips for realtors who want to make the most of Instagram and grow their businesses.

Have the Right Username and Bio

Creating an image for a real estate market is powerful on social media. Part of this image is the username and bio section of an Instagram account. It’s important to select a username that lets people know exactly what the account is all about. For example, having words in the username such as “realtor,” “listing,” “agent,” or even the name of the brokerage allows people to search for the account easily. The same goes for the bio. Realtors can use their bios to let their personalities shine, but they also need to ensure viewers understand what they can do for them.

Optimize Posts With Keywords

In the past, Instagram didn’t have the functionality to search for posts using keywords. However, this is now something the platform offers, making realtor captions for Instagram super important. If a post contains the right keywords, or those most likely to get searched when looking for real estate in a specific area, then that post appears to an audience more readily. Realtors need to know exactly what their audience is looking for and tailor their captions to appeal to their needs.

Make the Most of SEO Best Practices

Although using keywords is a large part of social media SEO, there’s more to it than that. Realtors need to structure their posts so that they’re appealing and easy to read. They also need to contain the information their audience is looking for. Stuffing a post full of keywords just to get searched doesn’t provide value to the people searching for a product. Sticking to a specific branding image will help the audience connect with the realtor on a more personal level.

Connect With the Audience Often

Engagement is another vital component of social media marketing for realtors. It isn’t enough to create engaging content, relators also need to connect with their audiences often. This means commenting on posts made by followers and finding other realtors to follow. Generating excitement about the real estate market can get people talking, and this is how deals are made.

Create and Use High-quality Photos

Choosing the right photos is another piece of the Instagram marketing puzzle for realtors. The main thing is choosing high-quality photos that show off a product in its best light but that also demonstrate the brand well. A photo is the first thing people see when searching for realtor Instagram accounts. Making sure the photo appeals to what they’re looking for will encourage them to search deeper or engage with it by liking or sharing it.

Realtors looking for guidance on using social media for marketing can join the Coffee & Contracts community to get the support and advice they need to succeed. This gives them access to a variety of tools and resources that help them make the most of social media marketing through Instagram.