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February 8, 2023

Reel Tips for Real Estate Agents

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At C&C, we *love* to learn new ways to make Reels more fun and engaging. AND, we believe that whether you're a seasoned pro, or just getting started, there's always room to take your Reel production to the next level (🤘😎🎥). Below, we've compiled 6 reel tips for real estate agents.

Let's go!

Starting is the hardest part

This sounds obvious but it’s worth reiterating. As you experiment with video, you will learn along the way. Any fumbles you make are just lessons learned. And keep in mind, any imperfections in your videos show you are a relatable HUMAN.

Feel nervous about creating video? We get it, and have honestly experienced the same jitters. But when the record light comes on, slather on the confidence, even if you're fudging it. The confidence will translate through your video. Soon enough, you WILL feel confident. It starts with getting your reps in.

Add an attention grabbing hook.

A hook makes the viewer curious and tells them what value they'll walk away with by sticking around. Use these techniques and examples:

  • The wow factor: “You’ll never believe [what I just saw at a showing; what my client just said to me; what I just learned about…]

  • Ask a question: “What if I could show you how to get more offers with one simple tip…”

  • Make a bold statement: “A huge myth in the real estate industry? [A buyer’s agent costs you nothing; Buying is always better than renting..]", “Your home WON'T sell for top dollar if you miss this…”, “OOHF! Don't fall for this when selling/buying…", “I’m glad I failed. Here’s what it taught me”

  • Bust a myth: “Sellers have preconceived ideas about [thing]… Here’s the truth…”

Talk about this...

Wondering what topics to talk about? Share educational, entertaining, & relatable content. Keep in mind, your goal is to stay top of mind to your followers and to provide value. You won't win a sale overnight, but you will build trust with time and consistency.

  • React to a headline in real estate news using green screen mode

  • Share your ideal weekend itinerary in your city

  • Recommend the best places for happy hour or a romantic date night in your city

  • Educate your audience on lesser known real estate info

  • Share a hot take about something real estate related

  • Cover local real estate developments you’re excited about

  • Film yourself putting together a marketing guide, giveaway, pop-by, etc. Ask your followers to send you their email if they're interested in receiving one.

Apply your branding for a consistent look

Add a cover photo to your Reel that contains a branding image of you, with a short title that explains the main point of the video. This way, the Reel will live on your Instagram profile with a consistent look amongst your other posts. It's good practice to use consistent fonts and colors within the Reel as well.

Keep text limited on screen & elaborate in the caption

Reels move fast! It would be impossible to fit more than a few words within your Reel. Don't overwhelm your viewer by trying to squeeze in everything you need to say within the Reel. Keep your main points brief, and expand on your topic within the caption of the Reel.

Add a trending audio

Adding a trending audio to your Reel is an easy way to get more reach on your videos. To find a trending audio, keep an eye out for Reels with a little arrow on the bottom left corner of the video. The arrow signifies that the audio for this Reel is trending. Instagram will expose your Reel to more people when it's a trending audio.

(This information is accurate at time of posting this article. As with all things on Instagram, this could be subject to change).

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Use a teleprompter app

If freestyle talking isn't your thing, don't sweat. Say hello to a few of our favorite teleprompter apps. CapCut or the Captions App are both great for reading from a script. The Captions App can even help you generate your own script using AI. Check out how this is done from Coffee & Contracts Founder, Haley!

(At the time of publishing this article, The Captions App is only available to iPhone users).

Add on-screen captions when speaking

To use the native caption generator within the Reels app, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Within Reels, record a new video or select an existing one from your camera roll.

  • Step 2: After your video is ready, tap next, then tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen.

  • Step 3: Select the blue "captions" sticker

  • Step 4: Once you select the "captions" sticker, you will see a message that says: “Transcribing audio…” After a few seconds, the auto generated captions will appear. From here, you can move the caption text around and customize the caption format using four different text formats and multiple color options.

For a more dynamic caption look, use a 3rd party editor like the Captions App to add dynamic, engaging captions. (At the time of publishing this article, Captions App is only available to iPhone users)

Keep practicing

The more you familiarize yourself with Reels and recording video, the easier it will become. Trust us! It will take time, but every rep you put in, the more confident you will feel.

Claudia Bell

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