Instagram Reels • November 28, 2023
Instagram Reels

November 28, 2023

Real Estate Reels to Try during Summer


Wondering how to make the most of the warmer summer months while getting exposure for your real estate business? We’ve been there… wanting to share something of value to your Instagram audience but not sure where to start…today we’re sharing 13 real estate Reels to try during summer. Let’s get to it!

  1. Summer Date Night Itinerary in [City] – This is a great opportunity to shout out your local establishments and build credibility as someone who has a pulse on what’s happening in your area
  2. My backyard/ beach Essentials this Summer – Round up a list of your favorites from local boutiques or Amazon
  3. X Places to Cool Off this Summer in [City] – Think  parks, beaches, pools, lakes, or ice cream shops!
  4. X Adventures to Take Your Kids on this Summer – Show the kid-friendly sides of your town, especially because this information is not as readily available
  5. X Concerts/ Events to check out this Summer – Who doesn’t love a little live music and entertainment. Become the local expert by sharing the events and concerts that are scheduled in your neck of the woods
  6. My Summer Reading List – A short and sweet list of books you’re planning to read or have already read and recommend
  7. X Destinations to bring your dog in [City] this summer – What pet lover doesn’t love some secret intel about what places are pet-friendly in their city??
  8. X Real estate projects to know about in [City] this summer – Nothing says you know what’s going on in your city like having a pulse on new and planned developments. This knowledge will also help you guide your potential buyers to areas that are poised for growth
  9. My favorite pool-side refreshments to create – Cocktails or Mocktails! Have a fun recipe to help people stay cool this summer? Share the steps to create it in a Reel
  10. My Top X Outdoor Restaurants in [City] – Know of some great spots with outdoor seating to enjoy the warmer summer temps? Share the list with your audience in a fun Reel that showcases each location
  11. Visit These Places for Tasty Summer Drinks – Think juices, smoothies, or cocktails!

There you have it folks, Real estate reels to try during summer! Have you tried any summer-related Reels? Let us know in the comments below!

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