Coffee & Contracts Best Practices • November 28, 2023
Coffee & Contracts Best Practices

November 28, 2023

Real Estate Marketing Q&A with The Broke Agent


This month, Coffee & Contracts creator, Haley Ingram, sat down with Eric Simon of The Broke Agent to chat about all things real estate marketing.

Below is a recap of their conversation which is truly jam packed with marketing tips, tools and the latest information about marketing your real estate business on Instagram.

We rounded up a few of the conversation highlights below. Join us for this Real Estate Marketing Q&A with The Broke Agent. 

Q: Give us an update on Reels – What’s working now-a-days?

  • Original audio is performing better and being pushed by Instagram. Try implementing a “storytelling” Reel with a hook to grab your viewer’s attention. Here’s what we mean by Storytelling Reels. Also, Check out these storytelling Reels prompts here.
  • Add “Wait for it…” in your Reels to keep your viewer watching. Why? Because, the more people watch your video through to the end, the more Instagram will push the videos to others, increasing the video’s views!
  • The goal is to get more views. The shorter the video, the more views the video will get.
  • Add closed captions over your Reel – the majority of people are still watching Reels without volume
  • Show your face and personality! People want to get to know you!
  • Just getting started with Reels? Don’t sweat! Check out this video to get started.

Q: Are “Talking head” type videos dead? 

“Talking head” videos are where you are telling stories, sharing real estate information, etc.

The answer? No. While these types of videos may not get as much reach because they are not watched through to completion as frequently as trending audio Reels, they will build trust and establish you as a professional.

The bottom line: We encourage having variety in your videos. It’s great to be informative but don’t let it be the only content you’re creating because viewers will lose interest. (For example, if I know Sam the Realtor does lots of formal, informational videos, the next time I see one, I might scroll past it because I know what to expect!)

Tip: Change up your video style, outfit, use different hooks, try different video durations. If you typically create more professional videos, switch it up with a more casual video.

Q: How do I grow my followers and get in front of more potential clients?

  • Interact meaningfully with other accounts – Instagram will  show your account in the feeds of those you interact with!
    • Respond to comments and direct messages
    • Engage with your followers – like and comments on their posts; Send them messages
    • Engage with local accounts, re-share their posts
  • Have a mix of posts, stories, and Reels. Focus on sharing valuable, relatable content. Focus on quality of posts versus frequency of posts
  • Look at your insights and see what has performed well historically. Repurpose and repeat this content.
  • Ask your audience questions to gauge what they would like to learn about
  • Show your face and personality!

Q: What kind of audio should I use with my Reels?

We recommend adding instrumental audio on low volume to your Reels. Why? It gives the video more interest, plus if it’s a trending audio, the video will have greater reach.

Check out Massive Agent and Over Ask for some great audio to choose from. Also, scroll the Templates page on Reels to see what audio is trending now!

Q: How should I mix up the types of posts I do to grow my followers?

Share a mix of micro and macro content –

Micro content is content that is directly related to your market, area, and clients you serve.

Macro content is content that is relatable to the masses – for example real estate humor (memes), educational real estate content, or real estate scenarios that people beyond your area and client-base can relate to.

San Diego Realtor, Cindy Plourde does a great job of mixing micro and macro content.

Q: Are hashtags dead?

They still work to categorize your content, however, they can be oversaturated, meaning your content might not be found very easily via hashtags. 

Rules of thumb:

  • Use hashtags with a utilization number between 5k and 10k 
  • User narrow hashtags, instead of general ones. 
  • They’re not going to “make” or “break” your post – focus on quality content above all

Read more about hashtags here.

Q: What are your views on TikTok? What apps should I use to turn my TikTok videos into Reels and vice versa?

TikTok is where internet culture begins. It’s a great place to go and get inspiration for new content and to see what trends are happening, before they reach Instagram.

As you know, Instagram doesn’t like when videos with the TikTok watermark on them are uploaded to the platform, and will often de-prioritize this type of video.

Use the Repost app to turn Reels into TikTok videos. Use the SaveTik app to turn TikTok videos into Reels.

Q: What are your thoughts on paying for Facebook or Instagram Ads? 

Lead the ad to something of value, not just your website.

For example, direct it to a declutter checklist or a relocation guide.

Check out LeadPages – which will help you turn your valuable piece of content from a PDF into a digital e-book and landing page.

Then, when people click your ad they will receive your free download in exchange for their contact information.

Coffee & Contracts Members: Check out our checklists & guides to use as your free download

Q: What are your thoughts on horizontal video?

We encourage you to start taking vertical videos instead of horizontal videos.

Why? If we come across a horizontal video, chances are, we’re scrolling past it.

Ask your videographer if they can format your videos to be vertical.

Tip: if you have existing horizontal videos, use the Instasize or InShot apps to give your horizontal video a white or colored background, which will emulate the look of a Reel.

That concludes this month’s Real Estate Marketing Q&A with The Broke Agent.

Have something else you want answered? Comment below and we will include it in our next Q&A!

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Have questions you’d like answered? Check out our other blog posts and Instagram page for the latest information in real estate marketing. If you want to be featured in our next Real Estate Marketing Q&A, send us a message!

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