What hashtags should I use as a Realtor?

“What hashtags should I use as a Realtor”? “Are hashtags still an effective way to grow my Instagram’s reach and engagement?!” “Should I post hashtags in the comments or caption?” “What hashtags are popular right now?” …We’re covering the answers to these questions and so much more in today’s post…

Keep on scrollin’ for a comprehensive guide to hashtags for Realtors on Instagram.

Are hashtags still useful?

“Hashtags are still one of the most effective ways to get more eyes and engagement on your instagram posts. A post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.” (Later.com)

How hashtags work on Instagram

Hashtags are a way to for Instagram to categorize and label the type of content you are posting. This helps Instagram show your posts to users who will find your content relevant and engaging.

Moreover, the hashtags you use fill the search results on Instagram’s Explore page. And lucky for us, Instagram users are utilizing the platform increasingly as a way to search for helpful information, businesses, and services. “Search on Instagram has the power to generate a huge amount of brand visibility and business.” (Edelman)

The types of hashtags to use:

There is no secret formula for how many hashtags you should include from the categories below. Instead, keep these different categories in mind to guide your hashtag strategy.

Location hashtags

These hashtags describe the location where you are selling or where your post is referring to. 

#downtownstpete #southtampa #seminoleheights #channelside #realtorsof[city] #[city]realestate #[city]homes #[city]realty #[city]broker #moveto[city] #relocateto[city] #[city]realtor

Industry hashtags:

Many agents receive leads who message them on Instagram that they were found through industry specific hashtags. Also, don’t forget about other agents who can find and refer you this way, too!

#realestateagentsofig #realtorsofinstagram #realestatelife #realtorstyle #realestatemoms #realestatedads #realestateagents #iloverealestate #realtorlife 

Community hashtags:

These tags encompass the community in which you live AND the realtor community you are a part of. 

#realtorlife #Ilove[city] #eventsin[city] #realtorsof[city] #[city]isawesome #[brokerage]realtor[city] #[city]living #[city]local #y[city]life  #yourtownyourstate #[city]homesforsale #[city]houses #[city]neighborhoods

#realestateagentsofig #realtorsofinstagram #realestatelife #realtorstyle #realestatemoms #realestatedads #realestateagents #iloverealestate #realtorlife

Content hashtags:

These hashtags describe the actual content in the post you are sharing. Be discovered by people looking for what you’re post is about. Even if this person is not a local buyer or seller, they could ask you for a recommendation for an an agent in their area.

#realestatetips #firsttimehomebuyerguide #sellingtips #realestateideas #realtortips #sellingahouse #homebuyerguide #sellerguide #listingbrochure

Branded hashtags:

Branded hashtags describe your personal brand or your brokerage’s brand. Is there a catch phrase or slogan you or your brokerage use?

#sellingsarasotawithsarah #kellerwilliamspalmbeach #sellingwithsothebys #sarahsellssarasota

Finding the right hashtags to use for your posts

Conduct research using Instagram’s Explore page

Do some user research on the Instagram’s Explore page by searching for keywords that are relevant to you. Select the “Top”posts to show posts that are performing well. Take note of the different hashtags being used on these posts and determine if they could work for your content.

Look at hashtag volume using the Tag Search tool

When determining what hashtags to use, volume is an important number to check.

Let’s talk about high density and low density hashtags.

A high density hashtag is a hashtag that is used on many posts. When using high-density hashtags, you run the risk of having your post buried by other posts using this tag.

A low density hashtag is one that’s used in fewer posts. When you use low-density hashtags, your post has a greater chance of showing up within the search feature. However, if a hashtag only has a few hundred posts, it’s possibly that people aren’t searching for it on the Instagram Explore page. For a safe range, aim for using hashtags with between 10k – 200k posts (Later.com)

To check a hashtag’s post volume, head to Instagram and use the search bar to type in your hashtag. Then select “tags” to see the number of posts for that tag. This a great place for inspiration and for finding additional hashtags that might also fit your post.

Still stumped on what hashtags to try?

Still stumped on what hashtags to try?  Put some of these tags into action and see what works for your audience!

#[City]realtor, #[City]realestate, #[City]homesforsale, #moveto[City], #[City]homes, #[City]realty, #realtor[City], #realestate[City], #[CityState], #realestateagent, #realtorsofinstagram, #realtorsofig, #realestatelife, #realtorsofinsta, #instarealestate, #realtorstyle, #[YourBrokerage]agent, #[YourBrokerage][YourCity], #[YourBrokerage][YourState], #[YourBrokerage]agents, #realestateexperts, #iloverealestate, #realestatexpert,#realtorslife, #realestateforsale, #sellinghouses

Tip: keep a note of hashtags on your phone for quick access!

Should I put my hashtags in the comments or caption?

Instagram confirmed that hashtags are effective in both the caption and the comments.  Our recommendation: add hashtags to the end of your caption because the timing matters. When your hashtags are within your caption, they are shared at the exact same time that the post goes live. Bonus: if you schedule your posts in advance, this makes it easy to include hashtags in the caption! Warning: If you add the hashtags as a comment too late, your hashtag strategy may not be as effective.

Did we answer your question: “What hashtags should I use as a realtor?” Let us know in the comments below!

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