Branding & Niche • November 29, 2023
Branding & Niche

November 29, 2023

Real Estate Branding Photos – for Quarter 2

Real Estate Branding Photos

Real Estate Branding Photos: You’ve heard us talk about them at length before (Check out our comprehensive guide to Personal Branding Photography for Realtors), and now we’re back to dish out more – this time for Quarter 2.

Realtors: Follow along here for pose, prop and location ideas for your Q2 personal branding photo shoots.

Personal branding photos

Photos to take in the kitchen & dining room:

  • Arranging spring flowers or Easter decorations
  • Hiding or holding an Easter egg
  • Writing a thank you card
  • Working on your laptop or talking on the phone
  • Putting fresh cut flowers into a vase
  • Leaning against the table or countertop
  • Flat lays of your hands working or over the shoulder
  • Hanging spring-colored kitchen towels

Photos to take in the living room & office:

  • Lifestyle poses in an accent chair or on the couch
  • Sprucing up flowers or spring colored pillows
  • Checking items off a clipboard
  • Working on your computer, writing in your notebook
  • Over the shoulder of you working
  • Meeting with clients
  • Writing up a contract
  • Taking a Zoom call

Photos to take outside a listing:

  • Celebrate the first day of summer by holding a beach ball or relaxing in a lawn chair
  • Holding out a key or lockbox
    • Holding your sign riders
    • Opening the front door as if to let a client in
      • Holding a closing basket or keys
      • Working in a garden bed, as if to spruce up for curb appeal
      • Holding a broom in the doorway for “Spring cleaning”

      Photos to take in your city or community:

      • Enjoying your favorite cafe with outdoor seating
      • At a park bench
      • Walking down a quaint street
      • Meeting with a client at a coffee shop
      • Standing in front of a nice wall or mural
      • Shopping at your favorite local store

      Tips for your Photo Shoot Day:

      • Plan your outfits in advance, make sure they coordinate with your brand colors
      • Plan your shoot using a timeline – designate locations and outfit changes
      • Create a Pinterest board specifically for your brand photo shoot with outfit and pose inspiration
      • Take a photo with a blank letter board head-on – then add text to it later on Canva
      • Don’t be afraid to have fun & get creative with it

      Looking for more inspiration for your real estate branding photos? Coffee & Contract’s Members: check out our Quarterly Branding Photo Guides. Not yet a member? Join us for real estate marketing templates, tools & trainings.

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