Agent Spotlight • December 15, 2023
Agent Spotlight

December 15, 2023

Kasie Gray Talks Building Relationships through Instagram

Building Relationships

Each week, Coffee & Contracts will be featuring the top real estate agents crushing it on social media. One of the “hot topics” we are asked often is how building relationships on social media turns into leads.

First up, we’d like you to meet Kasie Gray, a real estate agent selling Ukiah, California!

Kasie says, “Instagram has helped me build solid relationships with a lot of my sphere and people in the community. I’ve built so many amazing relationships with people in my town and other agents across the country! It’s great to have a community on your side to learn from and to help you improve your business. “

What helps you stay consistent with social media?
“Being consistent has always been difficult for me, there are days when my brain is way too overworked to think of a clever, educational caption. Coffee & Contracts has helped so much when it comes to those days when I don’t have enough time to write a caption but know I need to post! For Instagram, I have a pattern I follow: a picture of me, a picture of a house, and then some sort of graphic. This helps me to know what to post and takes the stress out of it!”

Any tips or tricks you’d like to share for building relationships?
“Just do it! It’s easy to get worked up over things being perfect or comparing to others but we all start somewhere, you can scroll to see how I started and it’s not pretty. Continue to learn, follow accounts that inspire you, take what’s working for others and make it work for you!”

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