Instagram Stories • November 29, 2023
Instagram Stories

November 29, 2023

Engaging Real Estate Instagram Story Ideas


Instagram Stories are a great place to engage the attention of your audience in a more casual manner. Help your audience get to know you and your business better with these engaging Real Estate Instagram Story ideas.

Real Estate Instagram Story Ideas

Guessing Game

Instead of a generic Market Update or Listing Tour, try playing an interactive guessing game with your audience. Use a question, quiz, or poll sticker to see what your audience guesses before revealing the answers.

“This” or “That”

Use a poll sticker and ask your audience to choose their favorite of two things. You can do all sorts of “this or that” polls: home styles, design options, holiday-themed, local restaurants, activities, etc.


A fun way to interact and educate your audience is by doing a “Mythbuster” quiz! Use a poll sticker and have your audience guess if a statement is true or false, then explain the answer.

True or False

Another great way to educate and get more engagements. Have your audience test their real estate knowledge with a game of true or false.

Simple Questions

An easy way to interact with your audience is by asking simple questions: Ask for feedback, their questions about real estate, what they’re doing this weekend, what they’re watching, etc.


Have your audience take a quiz that will help them determine an answer for themselves. Create questions and answers for renters thinking about buying, homeowners thinking about selling, etc.

What types of engaging real estate Instagram story ideas do you put into practice? We’d love to hear! Comments below

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