Agent Spotlight • November 29, 2023
Agent Spotlight

November 29, 2023

Agent Spotlight: Kat West – Getting Creative on Instagram with Video


Agent Spotlight: Kat West – Getting Creative on Social with Video

What techniques and methods do you use on instagram?

Instagram is my bread & butter. This is where I spend the majority of my time marketing my business, so I invest in branding photos and making Reels. I have the most fun & feel most natural using this platform & I think that comes across to my followers.

how do you get creative with your marketing on Social media?

Videos Videos Videos. I love to get creative with Reels and they have made a major impact on my business. I get inspired by other peoples Reels & see how it can be relevant to tell my brand story. I also utilize IGTV & produce video to highlight fun places to visit in my city!

Tell us about your approach when creating content

I focus on showcasing luxury real estate & on being 100% authentic. This has attracted my ideal client. Once I really started focusing on being open about what I believe and bold in my faith my following flourished.  I stopped being worried that some people would not agree or understand & started to attract even more people to my page who DID resonate with who I am! I think the people who believe differently than me also appreciate that I am honest & open about who I am. They know I’m not here to change anyone but they also know who they are getting when they hire Kat West!

Any advice for new realtors?

I’m a big believer in community. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Having a mentor when I started my business was crucial to my success as a realtor. I’m honored to be able to extend my knowledge in the industry to brand new agents joining my organization.

How has coffee & Contracts influenced your business?

It has taken a tremendous amount of work off my plate & helped to support my brand! I love the creative ideas it sparks as well. Before I decided to give it a try I was worried I would look like everyone else. This was simply not the case. I’m able to put my own spin on the content and weave it into what I already have planned. C&C is like the shot of espresso in my Dirty Chai Latte… it fuels the fire!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in this profession?

It’s a numbers game! Don’t take anything personal. You will be successful if you have a strategy & consistently show up & execute.

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