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June 18, 2021

Agent feature: Kelly Bello - A Real Estate Journey Fueled by Perseverance

Agent feature: Kelly Bello - A Real Estate Journey Fueled by Perseverance
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I left a secure full time job with a large corporation, emptied my savings account and began my journey as a real estate agent. When I tell you that everyone thought I was crazy for doing it, I mean it!

I had the support of my parents and sister, they have always been my biggest fans, but I am sure everyone had doubts. Real estate is not easy and many people wanted to share the ‘what if it goes wrong’, instead of the ‘what if it goes right’.

My goal entering real estate, to sell ONE million dollar home! How exciting, right?!? Well, after a year of being in real estate and not achieving the goals I had set for myself, I started to get discouraged. I lost all hope and started second guessing myself and my decision to become a Realtor. I made a very quick and irrational decision to leave real estate and accepted a position with a major builder as a site agent in Jacksonville FL.

When my team lead heard I was leaving the brokerage, he immediately introduced me to a top agent in our market who was determined to help me succeed. What was I to do? I had a guaranteed job with a national builder as a site agent and now a position as a lead buyers agent on a team working for a top agent in our market center. I PRAYED HARD.

I woke up with the clarity I needed and respectfully turned the position down as a builder site agent. I have chills sharing this because I am so glad I followed my heart.

5 years later, I have achieved more than I would have ever DREAMT about. I have successfully capped each year since the first year I made the the decision to stay with my brokerage. I am on the leadership board for my market center. I have made the million dollar club and am one of the top agents in my office. I DID SELL my million dollar home which was one of the goals I initially set for myself. And last and most importantly, in 2020, one of the most challenging years of my life, the people around me believed in me more than I believed in myself as I won Realtor of the Year!!

It has been the most amazing journey and now as I work towards building my own team, I hope and pray I can inspire someone to keep their dream alive and not lose hope during the discouraging moments. 

Branding photos have really helped me up my presence on social media. The branding guide was so so useful during my shoot, and I love that I have photos I can use for months at a time. It saves so much time and it is a fun and catchy way to market!

Surround yourself with those who love you and encourage you! People believe in YOU, YOU can do it, YOU WILL DO IT, Have faith in what is meant for YOU.

My one habit is to connect with people daily. I love to connect with people on a personal level. People inspire me! I love to see them succeed and win!

My daily devotional truly sets the stage for me each day. Life can take you on so many different journeys, but I have learned so much about my faith and myself along the way. I found strength in moments I didn’t believe I would. But my faith teaches me to keep going and trust what you cannot see or understand. My quote is “Jesus take the wheel” and I use it daily. The reminder in that moment is that we are not in control, but to trust the journey already paved before us. 

“Real estate is my passion and has changed my entire life. I am SO blessed to do what I love each and every day. I have the most amazing friends, family, and customers that continue to trust me as their Realtor and I couldn’t be more thankful for the relationships I have made along the way. 

My children are “”my why””. The 2 little boys that are growing right before my eyes are watching me and for that, it drives me to be the best Mom and person that I can be. Being a Mom is the MOST rewarding gift and the very best part of who I am. I want them to know that with the right amount of passion, drive, and faith, they can do anything!

Claudia Bell

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