Agent Spotlight • November 29, 2023
Agent Spotlight

November 29, 2023

Agent Spotlight: Karl Konradson – Finding a mentor, staying active on social, & Establishing positive habits

What is your approach to using social media?

I’ve been using social media more as a brand awareness, top-of-mind, marketing tool to my sphere of influence. I think it’s also a great way to continually educate my community on the real estate industry.

Do you have ay advice for new agents?

The biggest piece of advice I have is to find a quality mentor that can teach you the in and outs of the business and guide you through your initial deals. Join a brokerage that is known for quality training so you can develop yourself as an agent that provides quality service. 

Having a great mentor, led me to being an award winning agent from the first year I started. I think this is crucial for anyone getting started and can’t imagine you can be a quality agent without having someone help you in the beginning. 

Something great about being active on social Media

I am a military veteran, and I’ve had clients reach out to me on Facebook and other social media platforms to help them find homes in our area while they are serving overseas. It’s been a great way to communicate because texting and phone calls aren’t an option while they are overseas. I’ve successfully found them homes sight unseen, or through video chats to accomplish their goals.

something unique about my business is…

I have an almost 7 month old little boy named Kallen, and am married to my dream girl, Caitlyn, who is the backbone of my business. She helps me with my social media and marketing. She has a background in marketing and graphic design so I have a leg up!

One habit I do everyday is…

Waking up at 5 AM to do self development. Whether that is reading, devotionals,  or meditation. I’ve found it’s a great tool to get me focused and have some alone time before the family gets up. 

A book and podcast I always recommend

Book: Atomic Habits.
Podcast: the Brian Buffini Show.

How has C&C influenced your business?

It’s been a great tool to continually provide quality content that is aesthetically pleasing and great information without having to spend hours upon hours developing content myself.

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