Agent Spotlight • November 29, 2023
Agent Spotlight

November 29, 2023

Agent Spotlight: Joey O’hern on Showing Your Personal Side on Social Media & Being Kind

What is your approach to using social media?

Keep it fresh and keep it consistent, it’s that simple. People want to feel like they know you. When they feel that way they’re comfortable and inevitably will gravitate towards working with you. Have a favorite coffee shop? Tell people. Have a new show you love? Let people know. Don’t be afraid to make it personal let people into the life behind the hustler.

Do you have ay advice for new agents?

The industry is smaller than you think, be kind to everyone in every field because you WILL work with with them again. 

Real estate is not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of hard work, late hours, sweat, tears and everything in between. But it is so incredibly worth it when you your buyers move into their dream home or your sellers move on to their next chapter. 

What are your tips for making connections on social media?

For me it’s all about mixing up business with personal. At the end of the day, you might be the best real estate agent in the area but people want to work with someone they feel comfortable with and can relate to. So in the midst of incredible real estate tips and facts you might see a picture of my dog or maybe a trip to Disney with my fiancé. That would be my advice, no matter the content: make it personal.

What is your real estate philosophy?

I made a promise to myself pretty early on that when I stopped caring about the people and only cared about the money, it was time to move on. For me, it’s really about building relationships with clients and become their friend and ally and I think they notice that I am. I’m 3+ years in the industry and for me it’s all about the people. My home buying experience wasn’t the greatest and that is what inspired me to get into selling real estate to make sure new buyers like myself had someone fighting for them. 

A habit I do every day

Simply put: unplug. When you are showing a client a home it doesn’t matter who is calling, texting, emailing you. At that moment and time they are your only focus and priority and should feel that way. 

A book I always recommend

“The Ride of A Lifetime” – Bob Iger, former Disney/ABC CEO. An incredible book on leadership, perseverance and making tough decisions.

How has C&C influenced your business?

Coffee & Contracts 100% has influenced my business for the positive. I’m busy, probably too busy and not only does it provide incredible content that’s valuable to myself as well as the client, it sets me apart from the crowd and immediately raises the professionalism of my brand.

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