Instagram Reels • November 28, 2023
Instagram Reels

November 28, 2023

Real Estate Reels Ideas For Realtors

social CTAs for realtors
social CTAs for realtors

7 Types of reels to try

Including Reels in your real estate marketing mix doesn’t mean you have to lip sync or dance to a trending audio. There are a so many ways to get creative with Instagram Reels that will still get you the exposure you’re looking for AND nurture your audience in a fun way. Keep scrolling for 7 types of reels to try as a Realtor…

Before & After

Before & afters are a great way to show the impact of your work as a real estate agent. Plus, before & afters are inherently satisfying to watch! Think: a staged listing, a fresh paint job, or a home renovation.


A great way to educate & engage your audience is by sharing informative & entertaining content – at the same time! Bust a common misperception, share information about mortgages, inventory, interest rates, or the benefits of staging a listing. Tip: Use a trending audio clip to reach new accounts. Explore real estate Instagram reels ideas for more inspiration.

Local Spotlight

Spotlight local cafes, parks or neighborhoods to show what it’s like to live in your area. Grab a few clips of what a day in the life as a resident in your town looks like or spotlight specific neighborhoods. Remember to tag the establishments you visit, they are likely to re-share your posts with their audience – getting your content greater reach!


Sharing relatable content is a great way to connect with other Realtors & potential clients. It lets your audience know you understand their experiences and allows you to build trust! Tip: scroll through Reels or Tiktok and ask yourself: “Is there a real estate spin I could take on this?” And, subscribe to Coffee Drip, our weekly newsletter that includes 3 new Real Estate Reel ideas – for FREE!

Quick Tip

Do you ever feel like you are answering the same questions for your clients repeatedly? Use this as an opportunity to create FAQ Reels. Some other ideas: tell us about the current housing market, share a real estate story or tip for sellers, buyers or other Realtors. Act as if you’re speaking to a friend! Explore more real estate reels ideas for engaging content.

Home Tutorial

Have a home trick up your sleeve? Now, how-to’s and tutorials are easier to create with Reels’ 90- second video limit. Think: tips for preparing for an open house or impactful updates to make before listing your home. Explore more video content ideas for real estate agents.

Day in the Life

Show the REAL behind your real estate business. Get authentic and personal with your audience to build their trust! Show how you start your mornings, how you spend your weekend, your favorite hobbies, or other parts of your life outside of real estate!

That’s a wrap, folks! Let us know what you thought about this list. And we’re curious to know… are there other types of reels to try as a Realtor? Share with us in the comments below!

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