Facebook for Realtors • July 5, 2023
Facebook for Realtors

July 5, 2023

5 Tips for More Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

real estate facebook ads

Advertising on social media can be efficient and cost-effective in the real estate world. Using Facebook ads is a popular way to reach prospective customers. Effective ads inform customers of the value that professionals can provide for them if they use an agency’s services. There are certain practices that real estate professionals can follow when using social media ads for promotion. Here are some popular tips that successful realtors often follow to make more effective real estate Facebook ads.

real estate facebook ads

1. Target a Specific Audience

Identifying the audience that’s likely to respond positively and benefit from seeing real estate ads is crucial to their effectiveness. It’s typical for agencies to target 500-1,000 prospective clients at a time by identifying what type of homes sell quickly in the area, who’s most likely to buy, and what the agency is most capable of selling.

2. Localize the Content

Many people looking for a new home search for housing in their local area. With the Facebook Ads Manager tool, it’s possible to target prospective clients within a local market specifically, including a certain suburb or city. It’s generally recommended that real estate Facebook ads cater to areas where home values have recently increased or areas people are moving out of due to overpopulation or the need for more home space.

3. Use Compelling Visuals

Real estate, at its core, is extremely visual. It’s fairly common that the highest-performing real estate ads feature some type of attention-capturing visual, such as a graphic or a high-quality photo. Captivating images can encourage prospective clients to stop scrolling on their social media feeds and see what an ad has to say. Typically, including vibrant colors, striking fonts, and aesthetically pleasing design elements can help capture a prospective client’s attention.

4. Make the Ad Copy Simple

It’s generally a good practice to write simple, understandable, and brief copy to accompany real estate Facebook ads. Conveying information in a way that’s quick and easy to read and understand is essential for drawing in and subsequently earning a client through social media ads. Typically, ad copy is written in a simple tone using uncomplicated vocabulary, which can increase the chances of all prospective clients having the ability to understand an agency’s services.

5. Use Carousel Ads

A carousel ad is a type of ad that features several different videos or photos. Typically, real estate carousel ads show videos or photos of different aspects of a home or property, including exteriors, interiors, and any special details. Real estate Facebook ads can be extremely effective in conveying as much written and visual information as possible to those who see them on their feeds.

Using Facebook advertising can potentially help real estate agencies reach success. Following these tips might increase an agency’s clients and deliver positive results for a company. Anyone hoping to learn some more tips for effective social media use for real estate can join the Coffee & Contracts community today.

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