Instagram Growth Strategies for Realtors

Instagram has 1.3 billion active users around the globe and more than 200 million businesses vying for their attention. Mastering Instagram marketing for realtors can yield outstanding results. This social site can serve as a powerful platform for connecting with clients, sharing information, and establishing the realtor’s individual personality and brand. Here are some great growth strategies to help realtors gain more Instagram followers and start 2023 strong.

Incorporate Stories and Reels

Reels and stories are both valuable Instagram tools for realtors. Stories are available for just 24 hours, driving followers to view the limited-time content before it expires. Stories can include photos, videos, text, and even business links for users with pro accounts.

Reels are videos that appear in the standard Instagram feed. Incorporating video content is a great way to make eye-catching posts that depart from the more traditional photo format. Use reels for home tours, neighborhood highlights, and other posts where there’s lots of activities to engage the viewer.

Plan Content in Advance

It’s much easier to post when each day of the week has its own theme and inspiration. Maintaining an active account is essential for all Instagram growth strategies. Assign a theme to each day of the week from Monday through Friday so it’s easier to fill the calendar and the posts stay consistent but varied. Options might include community highlights, recent sales, home-buying tips, home decor ideas, and industry trends.

Establish Expertise

Promoting expertise in the real estate industry is an outstanding Instagram strategy for realtors. This may include posts on the pros and cons of marble counters, tips for winterizing a home, or a showcase of great strategies for improving curb appeal. Posts like these let followers know that the agent has a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table when helping clients find a home.

Share Successes

Feature testimonials and reviews on Instagram in eye-catching photos. Superimpose the quote over a photo of the reviewer or their newly purchased home to personalize the content. Keep the text brief but impactful. This is a great way to prove one’s expertise in the real estate market. A testimonial from a satisfied client says more than dozens of the realtor’s own posts on the subject.

Build a Personal Connection

Realtors can make deeper connections with their followers by personalizing their accounts. An Instagram feed that’s too professional can feel cold and impersonal. One that incorporates selfies of the realtor celebrating a sale with their client or relatable photos of the day’s morning cup of coffee will seem warm and welcoming in comparison. Invite comments as well, and always take the time to respond so Instagram can become the launching point for one-on-one relationships with potential clients.

Realtors who want to boost their marketing can find a wealth of opportunities with the Instagram audience. Just 52% of realtors use Instagram, leaving plenty of space to shine for the savvy agents who do maintain an active presence on the site. Don’t miss out on this chance to make 2023 a year to remember.