generating leads on instagram

Three out of five realtors say social media is a more important marketing tool than a website, according to The Close. Two-thirds said that Instagram was more or equally as important as Facebook for marketing their real estate business. Despite acknowledging its importance, only 35% of realtors said they felt confident marketing themselves online. These tips can help realtors improve their confidence and generate leads on Instagram.

Create Instagram Lead Ads

Instagram lead ads are advertisements designed to collect relevant information from their followers, such as their phone numbers, email addresses, and job titles. These ads can run as traditional posts or Instagram Stories. Users need an Instagram business account and Facebook page to set up Instagram lead ads. They can then create their ad in Facebook’s Ad Manager after setting their marketing objective to lead generation. Adding prefill sections can increase engagement. Checking the lead ad meets Instagram’s specifications will ensure it runs.

Create an Optimized Landing Page for Your Bio Link

Unlike on many social media platforms, users can’t simply add links to their Instagram posts. However, they can suggest people click the link in their bio to learn more. Linking out to an engaging landing page designed for collecting information is a great way for realtors to generate more leads. A good landing page is easy to scan with content that entices people to share their details.

Adding a call to action near the bio link, as well as individual posts, can further increase Instagram lead generation. Using an online shortener for the bio link saves space and looks more professional. UTM parameters can help realtors understand more about the people who click on their links.

Embed Links in Instagram Stories

Realtors with more than 10,000 followers can embed links in their Instagram Stories. These links often have higher follow-through rates, as users only need to swipe up rather than visit the bio and click through. Realtors with enough followers can add links by clicking the chain icon when creating their Stories. Studies suggest adding three or four swipe-up stories daily provides the highest level of engagement. Sending users to various pages when they swipe, such as blog articles, e-book downloads, and webinar registrations, keeps users engaged and ultimately boosts leads.

Collaborate With an Influencer

Collaborating with an influencer is a great way for realtors to expand their audience and leads. The right influencers are relevant to the realtor’s brand. Ideally, the influencer has different followers who are similar to the realtor’s target demographic. For example, a realtor aiming to increase millennial leads may partner with a young local celebrity in the area they operate. They might show the celebrity some properties, which they could both post about on their Instagram accounts. Any of the influencer’s followers looking to buy or sell their homes may contact the realtor.Partnering with Coffee & Contracts can empower realtors and improve their lead generation results. Its marketing toolkit has everything realtors need to launch or improve their Instagram profiles. With fresh content every month, Coffee & Contracts can help realtors boost their leads on Instagram now and in the future.