We’ll just come out and say it: Summer went by too fast. As you stow away summer gear and swimsuits and get ready for back-to-school routines, we’re sharing a few August marketing ideas to put into motion this month. (Note, all of the templates referenced below are available to Coffee & Contracts Members). And now, follow along below for August marketing ideas for Real Estate Agents…

Browse New Templates & Get Inspired

Each month, Coffee & Contracts releases over 300 new templates for our members to customize and share. Members: Browse the August release and get inspired! Below are a few of our favorite social media templates this month:

  • Home renovations under $5,000
  • How to choose an offer in a bidding war
  • How to increase natural light in your home
  • National Dog Day – Must haves for a dog-friendly home
  • Best brunch spots in [city]
  • The 3 Rooms that sell your home

Implement engaging Instagram Story templates

One of our favorite ways to interact with your audience is to get them engaging with your Instagram stories! This month, choose from a handful of stories templates. 


  • Get your audience to interact with your content by using Question, Poll, Quiz, or Slider stickers on your stories.
  • Bonus: Ask your audience what they want to learn more about with a question sticker and answer in your Instagram Stories!

Create an animated Reel

Try creating an animated reel in Canva. Then, upload it as a Reel on Instagram and add a trending audio and voiceover.

Videos of you will always perform better, we highly recommend a video of YOU as the intro!

Members: Use one of our Reel templates and add your own personal touch!

Share local insights

Creating local content will help you to be discovered by people in your area.

Think of what someone may search for such as “[City] neighborhoods” or “[City] brunch.”

Create easy-to-consume content for them to save for later.

Members, use our local expert templates:

  • Best brunch in [city]
  • Which [city] neighborhood should you live in?
  • If you like [neighborhood characteristics] check out [neighborhood]

Give your audience a laugh with The Broke Agent templates

Share funny and relatable content with your audience. This month, there are over 70 templates created by The Broke Agent available for members. Use the static posts, gifs, or Reels templates and see which types of posts your audience enjoys.

The templates include:

  • Relatable real estate content
  • Pop culture references from shows like Love Island, The Bachelor, Anchorman, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm & more

Hop on a trend!

Another great way to interact with your audience is to jump on a trend. This month, we created real estate themed  “Little Miss /Mr.” memes and the “He’s a 10 but…” memes. These are now available for agents to utilize. Some of our favorites:


  • Little Miss “Always negotiating”
  • Little Miss “Did someone say real estate?”
  • Mr “The buyer’s dad tried my life”
  • “He’s a 10 but he writes all of his listing descriptions IN CAPS”

Get ready for back-to-school 

It’s August which means back-to-school is here! Share decluttering or organization tips in honor of sending the kids back to school!

  • C&C Members: Use the new “30 Days of Declutter” Checklist template as a free incentive for email newsletter sign ups.
  • Get more engagements by doing a fun back-to-school quiz with your audience. Quiz them on real estate prices or on facts about your city! (Google “facts about [city]” to come up with questions!)

Try out these textable graphics, doorhangers & listing flyer templates

In real estate, there’s always an opportunity to go above and beyond. Use these branded templates to show off your marketing prowess

  • Go the extra mile with our open house thank you graphics. The best part? They’re textable!
  • Use the door hangers to let your neighborhood know you’re around to assist them
  • Customize our New Listing and Local Highlights Flyer to show your audience what living in that home and neighborhood could look like!

Start an email newsletter

Last but certainly not least – Start an email newsletter. If you’ve been here a while, you know how much we ADORE email newsletters. Why? They are a great way to share more intimate information with your audience. PLUS, your email subscribers have opted in to hear from you. A few tips to consider with email newsletters:


  • Always, always share something of value!
  • Let your subscribers know how often they can expect to hear from you
  • Address your email list like you’re speaking to a friend

There you have it! Let us know in the comments if you implement any of these August marketing ideas for real estate agents. What did you learn? What did your audience enjoy?

ICYMI: (All of the templates referenced in the post are available to Coffee & Contracts Members). If you’re interested in taking real estate marketing off your hands, join us!

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written by

Claudia Bell

Claudia is C&C's Marketing Director with a background in retail, commercial, hotel and residential real estate.

A Florida Native, Claudia loves being outdoors and on the water. Find her exploring homes in historic neighborhoods, squeezing a lime on something, or planning a trip somewhere off the beaten path.

Simple pleasures: a made bed and a hot baguette.