Is there an art to asking for reviews as a Realtor? It’s certainly challenging to know when the “right” time is. But, have no fear! We asked a group of Realtors how they pop the review question – here’s what they shared…

Pop the question when your clients are most excited

In my experience, the longer you wait after closing, the less likely they are to write a review. I always ask them to write a review right after we receive the “clear to close” and use it as one of the final things needed to be done before closing.

You want to ask them for a review the moment they are most excited about the transaction – Denzel B.

Use a template message and include a token of appreciation

I text and email them! I have a line I use that works —

“Hey there! Truth be told—you are the dream client that I hoped to discover when I created my real estate business. In order to keep working with amazing people like you, I have a small favor to ask..Could you please take the time today to write a review about your experience working with me?A 5 star positive review for a small business like mine can really make all the difference!” 

I include the link and send a Starbucks card when done so they feel like they also got a little bonus – Kristen P

Use software to automate the process

I use RateMyAgent for my reviews and 90% of people leave reviews. It’s easy, sends both email and text (using text increases the odds of people leaving a review) you can personalize the message or use templates, and it will automatically share the reviews to your social media/Google platforms.

I usually send the request the day after closing or if it’s a Friday closing I send it on Monday. Lexi K.

Ask them to keep it short & sweet

I text them a couple days before closing with a link to my Google My Business page.

Tell them you would love a 5 star review and a short and sweet message is perfectly fine so they don’t feel like they need to leave a long and detailed review.

To me having lots of 5 star reviews with just a few encouraging words is perfect! – Margaret F.

Include it as a part of the closing checklist

I include a request in my closing checklist email to my clients. I personalize the email with their home’s photo and send the instructions depending on what they have yet to complete. – Lizz C.

Asking for reviews as a Realtor can seem daunting – we are hopeful these tips and tricks from other Realtors helped make it easier.

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