What is SEO on Instagram and why is it important?

Ever wondered how you can increase your discoverability on Instagram? Let us introduce you to your little friend, Instagram SEO.

SEO on Instagram refers to the search-ability of the content you share. It plays an important role in your content’s reach & discoverability.

By using relevant keywords and hashtags, you help Instagram understand and categorize your content so it can display it to other users who would find it relevant and useful, too.

How does Instagram SEO work?

Similar to a Google search, the Explore page on Instagram allows people to search hashtags, locations, & keywords enabling them to find relevant accounts to follow.

By tailoring your content to be SEO friendly, you can help your target audience FIND YOU!

But wait there’s more… have you ever seen a post in your feed that says “suggested to you because you follow @username?” Instagram can suggest your content to people who are searching for keywords like the ones you use!

Let’s jump in to a few tips that can help you increase your discoverability on Instagram.

Tip 1: Use Descriptive Captions that include Relevant Keywords

Keywords in captions are now searchable on the Explore page. A Realtor in Tampa might use keywords like… Tampa Realtor, Tampa Bay Real Estate, Homes for sale Tampa Bay, Relocating to Tampa, Selling in Tampa

Tip 2: Add Keywords to your Username or Profile Name

Here at Coffee & Contracts, our profile name includes “Real Estate Marketing” That means, anytime someone searches that phrase on the Explore page, they can find us!

Tip 3: Include Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are STILL a great way to have your account and content discovered. We recommend using them in both your posts and Reels. Use up to 30 relevant hashtags per post.

Bonus: For a hashtag deep dive, check out our Comprehensive Hashtag Guide.

Tip 4: Add descriptive Alt text to Images

Add custom alternative text* (or Alt text) to describe what your photo is about
Not only does this increase the accessibility of your posts with audio screen reading, it also helps your SEO.

*When sharing a post, select Advanced Settings > Write Alt text

Tip 5: Be Consistent with Posting

The more you consistently follow these tips, the more Instagram will come to understand the type of content you share, and in turn, will serve your content to the audience you are targeting.

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