If you’ve ever searched for real estate tips, scripts or advice on YouTube then you are most definitely familiar with Loida Velasquez, our #AgentSpotlight this week!

Loida is a Southern California based marketing-savvy agent who not only inspires and educates thousands of real estate agents around the world, but generates multiple referrals a month from her social media accounts.

She has almost 53,000 subscribers on YouTube and 17,000 followers on Instagram – the two platforms she utilizes the most.

Loida says, “Social media has impacted my real estate business tremendously! The platforms I am mostly active on are Instagram and YouTube and because I have been consistent with my posting for the past few years, it has gotten to the point that I am getting between 1-3 referrals a month from agents that follow me and family/friends that see me active as a Realtor. Not only that, but growing my social media platform has allowed me to show case that as one of the unique value propositions I offer my sellers when it comes to marketing and exposing their home!”

We all know how important video marketing is in the real estate business. But where do you start? Loida says the first step to creating video content is to pick up your cell phone and just do it.

“Sometimes we are too busy thinking that we need certain lighting equipment or cameras, but in reality, all it takes is our cellphone and natural lighting.”

“If you are just starting out, your cellphone is the perfect tool to get started with video. My first two years on YouTube were filmed on my iPhone 6 and it allowed me to grow an audience. Some things you will experience when you start out is that it might take multiple takes before you get a line right or to film a full video, but that is completely normal and overtime you will get better at delivering a message all filmed on the first take. The key is just to get started!”

“Creating a social media schedule will definitely help in being more consistent with video posting online. Pick a day during the week that will be the day to film and edit. Hint: You can film multiple videos the same day and release them through a certain time period so you don’t have to worry about always filming. Along with that, decide what you want to make your videos about. Over time it will start to feel more normal and you will have a flow!”

Thank you for chatting with us, Loida!

Connect with her on Instagram, check out her inspiring YouTube Videos or visit her website.

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