Writing a bio for your website and social media profiles can be an uncomfortable task, even though no one knows more about you than, well, you!

If you feel a bit shy writing about yourself, remember that every professional needs a good bio, especially in today’s world where our first impression is usually your online presence.

Your bio should convey that you are knowledgeable in your field (even if you are new at it,) trustworthy and ethical, personable and approachable, and available for hire!

Keep it simple…

Remember that your bio is a brief introduction of your experience, skills and personality; you are not writing your life history. A couple of short paragraphs is plenty.

Remember your goal…

Your bio is an advertisement to potential clients. Why should they hire you? Convey your passion for helping others and your experience in real estate and/or your knowledge of your local market.

Be real…

Include some personal details about your family, hobbies, and interests. Here you can have a little fun and use some humor. Read other bios to get some ideas.

You may find it easier to write about yourself in third person at first:

Joan Wheeler is a third generation Charlotte native. She graduated from UNC with a marketing degree and worked in retail sales for ten years before obtaining her real estate license. She loves working with newcomers to the area and introducing them to her hometown.

Take what you have written, and transpose it to first person:

I am Joan Wheeler, a third generation Charlotte native. I graduated from UNC with a degree in marketing, and worked in retail sales for ten years before obtaining my real estate license. I love working with newcomers to our area and introducing them to my hometown.

Which perspective do you like better? There is no right or wrong unless you are on a website with other agents where continuity is expected.

Here is a 6 step template for writing an engaging and professional bio.

  1. Write a sentence or two introducing yourself and where you are from or how long you have lived in your market area.
  2. Write a sentence or two about your real estate experience, previous work experience, and educational background.
  3. Mention any specialties you work in (REO, Senior Citizens, property management,) farm areas you represent, or other niche you handle.
  4. Write a sentence or two conveying your passion for real estate and your clients.
  5. Introduce your family if you wish.
  6. Mention a hobby, sport, or activity you enjoy when you aren’t working.

Check for grammar and spelling errors and there you go! That wasn’t so hard, was it?