To blog or not to blog…Is that your question? Apparently, it is, because we get asked that one a lot.

A blog can be a valuable tool if you use it appropriately. If you are just posting occasionally and waiting for something to happen, then don’t bother. But, if your blog posts are written properly and you are promoting your blog, then it may become one of the most cost-effective marketing tools in your toolbox.

Here are some points to consider, along with tips for getting the most bang from your blog.

  1. Your business blog establishes you as an expert in your market. Your blog should be written for your clients, in a casual, engaging voice. Ideas for blog posts can come from real estate FAQs, market news and events, or local products or services that your clientele would find useful. If you mention a local business or service, make sure to include a link to their website.
  2. Regular posting keeps you top of mind in your community. Each time you post to your blog, promote it on your social media feeds, by email, and in your online newsletter. Make sure the posts are shareable. If you mentioned another business, ask them to share the post on their social media. Over time, your community will recognize you as a source for all kinds of news or information.
  3. Your blog is one more opportunity to engage with potential clients. Each blog post is another piece of content you can share with your community. Allow for commenting on your posts so that readers can respond to your blog. You can invite comments by ending your posts with a question. For example, if you have written a post about a new restaurant in your town, ask readers to comment about their experience there.
  4. Blogging drives traffic to your website. Your blog lives on your website, so every time someone clicks on a blog post shared on social media, in an email, or on another website, it takes them back to your website. Each post you add to your blog is a new virtual page that increases your SEO, or “searchability.” Every post, click, comment and share increases your online presence.
  5. Blogging is cheap and easy. Most of the time, blogging is free. Your website platform most likely includes a blog. If not, there are many blog platforms that you can integrate into your website. You will only need to purchase a domain name for your blog. If writing regular posts for your blog is the problem, you can outsource to a professional. Our Coffee & Contracts membership includes blog posts to copy and paste. If you would like additional content, contact us at for rates.

Did you learn something from this post? Please comment and let us know if it was helpful and if you have any questions we did not answer. (See what we did there?)