Most of us dread getting new headshots taken, but in real estate, it is vital that you link your face with your name. Your headshot is one of your most powerful marketing tools as a Realtor, so take these tips to heart and make the most of your time in front of the camera. 

  1. Keep it current. We’ve all encountered those Realtors whose business cards and advertisements show them looking twenty years younger. It can be a shock when you meet them in person. Don’t be that guy or gal. You should have new headshots taken at least every few years.

  2. Use a professional. You may be tempted to have a friend take your picture, but unless you and your friend really know what you’re doing, you may be disappointed with the results. Ask around among your colleagues whose headshots you like. Make sure the photographer you pick will be open to shooting at the location you desire and will provide you with more than one shot to use, and in both print and web formats.

  3. Location, location, location– It’s as important in photography as it is in real estate. When deciding between an indoor or outdoor shoot, consider your brand. An indoor headshot against a backdrop lends itself to a more formal look, whereas an outdoor photo can give a more personal feel. If you opt for outdoors, choose a location that compliments your market. If you sell mostly in the suburbs, a shoot in a beautiful garden or back yard makes more sense than on a downtown street.

  4. Choose your clothing carefully. Don’t wait until the morning of your shoot to choose an outfit. Select clothing that won’t distract from your face. Classic style and neutral colors will allow you to use the photo longer than if you opt for a very trendy look. Think about the logo that will be on your business cards or website. If your company logo is Blue and gold, you don’t want to wear purple or red in your photo. Finally, long sleeves are the golden rule in business photography.

  5. Keep your hair and makeup natural. This isn’t a glamour shot! Keep your makeup daytime natural and don’t experiment with a new hairstyle. Remember, the point is for people to remember your face and to recognize you when they meet you in person.

  6. Relax and laugh your way through it. The camera sees tension, so do your best to enjoy your shoot. It may help to practice in front of a mirror, or with a friend. Don’t be afraid to get silly and crack some jokes with the photographer; a natural laugh captures the best smiles. The photos that aren’t used for your headshot can be used for social media posts and other marketing materials – so have fun with it!