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September 1, 2020

Video Scripts: Simply Selling Process


Sell Your Home in 4 Easy Steps: Step One — Prepare It

“If, after hours of thinking, wrestling, and making copious pro/con lists, you’ve decided to put your home on the market, first of all, congratulations! 

Deciding to sell is often the hardest part. 

Wondering what’s next? I’m so glad you asked.

Hi, I’m (your name) – a realtor in (name of town) with (name of agency), and today I’m going to give you a quick rundown on three simple upgrades you can do that will have your home ready for the market in no time.

Let me guess — you want to wow prospective buyers, but you don’t want to break the bank. I’ve got good news. Getting your home ready to sell doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. 

If you’ve got a few open weekends and a can-do spirit, you’re ready to knock out these high-return upgrades.

  1. First, take a look at the walls and trim. Smudgy walls and dingy trim are so out. Refresh both with calming, neutral paint colors that appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences. If time is short, start with the living room and kitchen and then work your way to the bedrooms.
  2. Next, consider the yard. Fresh mulch, colorful annuals, and a couple of planting urns for the entryway make stellar curb appeal a cinch.
  3. And last (and this is a big one!) — clean, declutter, and repeat. There is nothing worse than a listing that’s dirty. Deep clean and declutter before your home hits the market. Later, when it’s time for a showing, it’ll just take a quick wipe-down to straighten up. 

A quick word of caution: Before you spend one penny on home improvements, you’ll wanna talk with a realtor familiar with your market. They’ll have extensive knowledge of in-demand upgrades that’ll help you get top dollar in your neighborhood. 

If you’re ready to sell, give me a call today — I’d love to chat.”

Sell Your Home in 4 Easy Steps: Step Two — Advertise It

“Let me guess. These past few weeks, you’ve worked your tail off getting your home ready to sell — it has never looked better, and you’re SO ready to share it with the world.  

Hi, I’m (your name) – a realtor in (name of town) with (name of agency), and today we’re going to talk about five ways to get your home in front of buyers so you can make an unforgettable first impression. 

Ready to go? Let’s get started.

  1. First, you want a gallery of stunning photos. After all, your listing photos are your first showing. Get them right the first time with a photographer who knows real estate and how to identify and highlight your home’s best features. 
  2. Second, you need an appealing property description. Your property description is more than a list of lifeless facts and stats. It’s an opportunity to tell those buyers what sets your home apart from the rest.
  3. Third, do some research on the listing price. Location, size, age, comparable sales, and upgrades all play a role in your home’s listing price. A realtor will analyze the latest market data to zero in on a listing price they feel confident in, and you feel great about.
  4. And fourth, you need to choose a marketing strategy. Marketing your home is more than listing it on Zillow,, and Trulia. But you don’t have to go it alone — your realtor should use every possible outlet to market your home — Facebook, Instagram, virtual tours, flyers, email blasts, and open houses. Nothing is off-limits!

Are you ready to advertise your home? Are you curious what a custom marketing strategy might look like for your home? Give me a call —  I’d love to work for you!”

Sell Your Home in 4 Easy Steps: Step Three — Show It

“You decided to sell. You prepared your home for the market, and you finally shared it with the world.

Now it’s time to face those showings like a boss.

Hi, I’m (your name) – a realtor in (name of town) with (name of agency), and today I’m going to get into the nitty-gritty details about how you can hit those showings out of the park. 

Here’s the thing. 

If you’ve already cleaned, decluttered, and cleaned again, take a deep breath. You’re well on your way to wowing buyers the second they step inside your home. 

When the showings come (and they totally will!), here are six ways to help you stay calm, cool, and collected:

  1. Have a plan. In a perfect world, you’d have at least a full day’s notice to get ready. The reality is, you may only have minutes. Before your first showing, make a list of tasks in order of importance. Don’t be afraid to throw laundry, toys, or small appliances in the car to keep them out of sight. Short on time? Swish the toilets, run the vacuum, and take out the trash.
  2. Give buyers space. Buyers need to picture themselves living in your home. That’s kinda hard to do when you’re lingering nearby. Give them plenty of time and space on both ends of the showing.
  3. Think neutral. Get any room ready with a few neutral pillows, baskets for easy stowing, and slip-covers to cover outdated furniture. 
  4. Clear the counters. Clear kitchen counters, store small appliances, and swap out family photos with decorative prints.
  5. Don’t forget Fido. While you love your furry family member, sadly, not every buyer will. Make sure your dog or cat has a place to go that’s out of sight — and sound — during showings. 
  6. Take out the trash (yes, literally). Before a showing, make sure garbage is in its right place — far away from buyers’ sensitive noses.

If you’re ready to show your home to potential buyers, give me a call today. Let’s get your home sold with minimal stress and maximum profit. 

Sell Your Home in 4 Easy Steps: Step Four — Sell It

An offer is on the table, and the nail-biting negotiations have begun. Your preparations, sacrifice, and determination are finally paying off!

Hi, I’m (your name) – a realtor in (name of town) with (name of agency), and today we’re cozying up to the negotiation table and talking about three things you can do to keep the negotiations humming along.

  1. First, be transparent. It doesn’t help you, your buyer, or your realtor to cover up or hide information about your home’s condition. Disclose everything you know upfront to avoid hiccups, headaches, and delays. 
  2. Second, be clear. Your realtor is your advocate, so let her know what you’re thinking and feeling. Don’t sit on your questions. Ask and ask again until you have the answers you need. It’ll keep you from regrets and frustrations down the road.
  3. Third, be confident. Your realtor has done the research, and you have the appraisal to back it up. Even if you have to compromise a little, be confident in your listing price and don’t give up too much too soon.

When you get an offer, sit back, relax, and let your realtor negotiate a deal that will have you hugging, high-fiving, and hip-hip-hooraying. 

Ready to sell? Give me a call — I’d love to help!

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