Facebook for Realtors • December 14, 2023
Facebook for Realtors

December 14, 2023

Summer 2023 Real Estate Planning on Social

Social Media for real estate

As the weather warms and the school year winds down, it signals one thing —  summer is here which means making a plan is vital. The changing season presents opportunities, not just for fun, but to expand and grow your business.

According to Fit Small Business, the summer months have the highest inventory of houses on the market but the shortest number of days those houses are available. In other words, the real estate market gets the most competitive in the summer. That’s why you must prepare yourself and your real estate business for this period of time. Keep reading for three ways you can plan for maximizing your social media for real estate agents in the summer of 2023.

General Social Media Tips

Regardless of the date, there is some general advice you can use to improve your social media presence. These tips include:

  • Provide value: most of your posts should provide value to your target audience. Consider the questions clients frequently ask you, then share the answers.
  • Be personal and authentic: one of the best ways to demonstrate your authenticity is to tell a story or anecdote from your personal life; if these stories provide a valuable lesson, even better.
  • Engage: ask your audience questions that you’re genuinely interested in knowing. Such questions can promote an actual dialogue and make your followers feel more connected to you.

Not every post needs to contain each of these tips, but you should strive to accomplish at least one in every post. Through these suggestions, you can ensure every social media post is helping you grow your brand.

Ideas to Grow Your Social Media Presence During the Summer

During the summer, people may be on their phones and other devices less than during the colder months. Here are some ideas to help you boost your social media — and overall business — during the summer.

Sponsor a Team

While some sports take a hiatus during the hottest months, others are still active. Baseball, soccer, and swim teams, among many others, play in the summer. You can advertise on a team’s jerseys or where they play. In addition to getting your name out there, these sponsorships are great content ideas for social media posts. Whenever you post about the team you sponsor, it’s an organic way to promote your business without being too salesy.

Get Involved in Community Events

From barbecues to concerts to back-to-school fairs to pool parties, participating in these community events is an excellent approach to promoting your brand. Whether you sponsor or participate in these events, they’re great ways to engage your social media audience and show them what you’re doing this summer.

Seasonal Specific Content

Your social media and website will benefit from seasonal-specific content. For example, blog or social media posts about topics like staging your home in the summer or the best summer events in your area are great for engaging your audience and providing them with valuable content.

Join the Coffee & Contracts Community

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