Instagram Growth & Strategy • November 28, 2023
Instagram Growth & Strategy

November 28, 2023

Storytelling Reels for Real Estate Agents

Storytelling Reels for Realtors
Storytelling Reels for Realtors

History shows us that humans love stories. Stories are how we relate to one another and share our life experiences. Plus, storytelling is the best way to make information memorable. Instead of sharing a bulleted list of facts, weaving information into a story will keep your listener engaged and eager to learn more. Today we’re talking about how to use storytelling in your real estate marketing. Please join us below as we cover Storytelling Instagram Reels for Realtors.

Storytelling Reels are as important as Trending Audio Reels for Realtors.

Here is why they are both important:

Trending audio Reels reach new audiences

Storytelling Reels nurture your existing audience & develop trust

Plus, Instagram Reels users now have the option to record videos that are 90 seconds long, perfect for storytelling!

3 types of Audio to use when “Storytelling”

  1. Speak into the camera (use teleprompter app, like BigVu, or record in segments)
  2. Record a voiceover and add it over a video
  3. Use a trending audio song (to get more reach) on low volume and add closed captions describing what’s happening in the video for more accessibility.

Use these Storytelling Reel Ideas to get started

  1. How you started your business, what were you doing before, what past experiences help you as a Realtor
  2. What has been the biggest hurdle in Real Estate? How did you (or do you) overcome it?
  3. Most underrated tool, tip, habit or practice as a Realtor
  4. Three lessons learned in your first year as a Realtor.
  5. What is your favorite part about being a Realtor? Hardest?
  6. Quote or piece of advice that’s made an impact on the way you live/work
  7. Book(s), podcast(s), or resource(s) that have been influential to you
  8. Your favorite way to spend the weekend in [City]
  9. Day in the life – video with voice over (Reminder – this doesn’t have to be glamorous! Be authentic!)
  10. Behind the scenes of an aspect of your job (Example: Getting a listing ready, preparing a CMA, meeting with Contractors, Networking or Charity events, etc.)
  11. What do people tend to assume about you/ Realtors? Show or tell how they are correct/ incorrect
  12. Tutorials – (Examples: How you pull together a showing package, How you make X more efficient, How you prospect, How you prepare a closing gift)

Things to keep in mind

Remember: Storytelling Reels might not get as much “Reach” or Engagement as a Trending Audio Reel however, it’s a great way to nurture your existing audience and build trust.

Additionally, Storytelling Reels can be recorded in batches ahead of time. This means you can sit down and record multiple storytelling videos without needing to jump on the latest trend.

We hope you enjoyed learning about storytelling Reels for Realtors. Have questions about Reels? Reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!

Looking to level up your real estate marketing game? Join our community for templates, trainings and tutorials.

Examples of Agents Using Storytelling Reels

1. Glennda Baker

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok or Instagram Reels, you’ve probably stumbled across a post by Glennda. Glennda has grown to almost 100k followers on Instagram by using professionally produced short-form video content where she answers real estate questions and tells stories. 

2. Chris Perry

Chris takes to Instagram reels to answer his audience’s questions about buying or selling real estate. While the reels without a trending audio may not reach as many viewers, this type of content builds trust and credibility with your audience and turns your followers into clients.

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