Real Estate Marketing Tips • November 28, 2023
Real Estate Marketing Tips

November 28, 2023

Realtors: Market yourself instead of your listing

canva for real estate agents
canva for real estate agents

Can we be honest with you? Posting “Just Listed” graphics on social media is…boring. 😕 We think you should market yourself instead of your listings. What do we mean by this?

Houses are sold on the MLS, not social media.

It’s important to focus more on marketing yourself and building rapport with your Instagram audience over simply sharing another “Just Listed” graphic.

Don’t waste your time with a boring “Just Listed” graphic.  Think about what percentage of your audience is actively looking for a house with that specific criteria? The answer is probably not many.

Try this instead…

Instead, consider investing in a professional videographer to create a high-quality, captivating videos. Or, get creative and record an entertaining reel about your listing that your audience won’t swipe past. Take it a step further and ask yourself, what makes this listing unique, quirky, or special? Is there anything the homeowner shared with you that you can highlight, or tell a story about? Approaching the marketing of your new listing in these ways will showcase your marketing skills are far from average.

Keep in mind…

Keep in mind, anyone actively looking for a home with specific criteria will find it through the MLS or any real estate marketplace website, like Zillow or Redfin. 

Remember, marketplace websites offer advanced filtering features where home buyers can dial in exactly what they’re looking for. Think of marketing on your social media as a fun, more unique way to show off the listing, and your ability to market it, beyond basic images.

And lastly…Utilize all your listings, no matter what price range, to show your audience your unique marketing skills. Sell us on you and the story behind the home.

Let’s look at some listing video examples below…

Dynamic Videos with Trending Reel Audio

Paige Steckling is an expert when it comes to short, catchy listing videos. What we loved:

  • In video 1, Paige shares a dynamic and engaging video that includes the highlights of the home and showcases its best features
  • In video 2, Paige utilizes a trending audio to show the before and afters of a new construction listing. She also shares a shoutout of the builder for their attention to detail and professionalism.
  • In video 3, Paige jumped on a trending audio and showcased static images of her new listing. (This is a great way to preview your listing before your have video of it!)

Follow Paige Steckling for more inspiration

Themed Listing Videos

Matt Lionetti had us on the edge of our seat for this one! Re-making a horror movie all while marketing his new listing. What we loved:

  • Telling the “intruder” the address and highlighting every detail of the home
  • Keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat
  • Keeping the video brief,  around 2:00 minutes

Follow Matt Lionetti for more inspiration

Professional Listing Video

In this listing video, the viewer gets a taste for what life could be like in this hillside beauty.

What we loved:

  • The video hits on the home’s key amenities, including the gorgeous pool and view
  • The video uses a trending, uplifting audio which increases the video’s reach
  • The video is well shot and of high quality, which gives you a sense that this Realtor is a professional and knows what he’s doing!

Follow Cory Phillips for more inspiration

Movie Parody Listing Announcement

In this listing video, Derrick Gregory makes a hysterical parody of the movie ‘Back to The Future’. What we loved:

  • The viewer is being entertained and enjoying a nostalgic movie throw-back while previewing a new listing.
  • Derrick’s humor and personality keep you engaged until the end.
  • As a future seller, you can see Derrick goes above and beyond for his clients, crafting a unique story out of every home. (He included a DeLorean in a listing video! Need we say more?!)
  • Watch the entire video here.

“Imagine yourself” Listing Videos

In this video, the viewer can truly imagine themself in each room of the house. What we loved:

  • The Realtor utilizes each room of the house and includes props that fit the space
  • The viewer gets a great sense for the layout of the home
  • The backyard is a huge amenity for this house and the Realtor shows you exactly how you can enjoy it!

Video Credit: JDunlap Photography

We’re curious – do you agree with the approach to market yourself instead of your listing? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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