September 16, 2020

Quarter 4 Branding Shoot

Quarter 4 is HERE which means 2020 is almost over (phew!)

Get ready for this quarter and make it the best for your marketing by scheduling a photoshoot. All you've got to do is call a local photographer, or ask a friend for a favor. We've laid the rest out for you in this guide!

Time: 2-3 hours

Make sure you get the most out of your time by knowing what kind of shots you want before the shoot. Use our suggested shots that will correspond with the captions for the upcoming quarter, create a board on Pinterest or save Instagram posts of poses and shots that you like. We have a Pinterest board full of branding photo inspiration, be sure to check it out here!

Outfit: 3-5 outfit changes

Keep your brand colors when you choose your outfit. If the colors on your Instagram feed and in your branding are neutral, don't wear a hot pink top! Make sure you keep it on brand.

Location: 2-5 locations

If you're using a local photographer, ask for their opinion on locations. There may be a local studio that could be a great fit. When you're choosing a place for an indoor shoot, make sure there is good natural lighting. We recommend using a light, bright, and beautiful listing, a trendy coffee shop, your home office, a home office in a nice listing, or a cute local restaurant or bar.

Location Ideas:


  • Light, bright, updated listing

  • Your office

  • A home office in a nice listing


  • Local coffee shop

  • Local restaurant

  • Local shops (for featuring around the holidays)

  • Popular outdoor locations in your area (think of places you'd like to feature for activities October-December)

Prop Ideas:

  • Letterboard

  • Keys

  • Purchase Agreement or Marketing Agreement printed out

  • Your guides printed out

  • Coffee cups

  • Sign riders

  • Fall decor (pumpkins, signs, coffee mugs, etc)

  • Holiday/Winter decor (home ornament, signs, coffee mugs, gifts, etc)

  • Champagne/confetti – New Years things

  • Your planner

  • Clipboard

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Quarter 4 Shot List

We've got our topics planned out for the rest of 2020, so you can get your content and photos ready well in advance!

Generic Real EstateLifestyle Shots

  • You looking at your phone, smiling

  • You talking on the phone

  • You opening a door

  • You putting a sold rider in the ground

  • You sticking a for rent or for sale sign in the yard

  • You holding a key out in front of you

  • You writing in a journal or planner

  • You giving a presentation

  • You walking down the street, in a popular local location

  • You on a Zoom call, over your shoulder

  • You smiling at your computer like you're on a Zoom call

  • You in a nice kitchen

  • You in a great room of a listing

  • You holding a clipboard, as if on a showing

  • You looking at houses on the MLS, over the shoulder shot or as if you're showing someone

  • You holding out a key, in front of a door of a home

  • Over the shoulder of you writing up an offer, either on a computer or a printed out version

  • You shaking someone's hand (the person doesn't need to be shown), smiling

  • You holding some cash

  • You sitting down with a clipboard as if going over a checklist

  • Market Update templates – Hold a letterboard that says [your area] Market Update


  • You writing thank you cards

  • You opening a door with key; standing in a door way as if letting someone in; you looking at houses online

  • You arranging decor in a nice home

  • Go Vote! Photo of you with an "I Voted" sticker

  • You looking at your phone, smiling; you drinking coffee smiling; you working at a local coffee shop

  • You in a nice entryway of a home

  • You curled up in a nice chair or couch

  • You in front of cool, trendy or unique home numbers

  • You with a clipboard in a nice listing (Showing Checklist)

  • You typing in your computer (as if writing a listing description)

  • Your local Veterans Memorial Park / You with an American flag

  • Scratching your chin as if wondering; you putting a for sale sign in yard; you holding out keys

  • You in front of a nice gallery wall

  • You on the phone, you on computer, you with a sign that says "open for real estate questions!"

  • "How do You Know it's The One?"; You scratching your chin; lifestyle photo of you smiling

  • You making a "hmm" thinking face; Lifestyle photo of you smiling/working

  • You pretending to take a photo of a home; Behind the scenes photo of your RE photographer

  • Photo of you standing over a nice dining table or in a kitchen

  • You taking out/putting away holiday decor; stacking storage bins in a garage or closet

  • "Agent survival kit"; You with a fake emergency kit; you laughing; you looking at the phone

  • You with a pie!

  • You writing an offer up; You shaking hands

  • You checking off a to-do list; you cleaning a listing

  • You organizing

  • "What I'm thankful for" Family/friends/pets photo (or whatever you're thankful for!)

  • Black Friday - You ripping a "SALE" tag; you with shopping bags

  • You on your computer

  • "Under Contract What's Next" You shaking a hand; Holding letterboard that says "32 days until 2021!"

  • Your favorite local shops

What's coming in December...

We challenge you to get a good photo at 12 of your favorite local businesses

  • Your favorite local places to donate during the holidays

  • You sitting by the fire

  • You writing in a journal or planner

  • You doing a home improvement project; holding a hammer; wearing a hardhat etc.

  • Popular local spots during the holidays

  • You with a magnifiying glass; You with your inspector; You "inspecting" a home

  • Lifestyle photo of you smiling or laughing

  • Letterboard: Love it or List it!; You putting a for sale sign in the yard

  • Winter home maintenance

  • You decorating for the holidays around your home

  • You snuggled on the couch

  • You crossing off days on a December calendar

  • You with your favorite winter/holiday treat

  • You with family

  • You writing holding up a thank you card

  • You laughing; smiling; working; holding up any accomplishment from 2020

  • You organizing

  • You writing down resolutions (title a paper Resolutions and pretend to be writing the rest)

  • You holding a closing gift

  • You holding a gift

  • You holding an ornament

  • You with holiday decor

  • You making the Home Alone face

  • You popping champagne or sparkling cider

  • You throwing confetti

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