Branding & Niche • November 28, 2023
Branding & Niche

November 28, 2023

Personal Branding Photo & Video Ideas for Q4

supercharge your real estate social media

It’s that time of the year – Personal Branding Photo & Video Ideas for Q4!

What are branding photos and why are they so important? Personal branding photos are professional images of you that display your brand and personality.

Keep reading for more information & ideas for personal branding photos and videos to capture at your next branding photoshoot. Coffee & Contracts Members: Access the complete Q4 Branding Photo Guide within your membership.

ICYMI: Coffee & Contracts is a marketing template subscription service for real estate pros.

Question: What’s the only thing that sets you apart from other agents online?

Answer: YOU. Incorporating professional branding photos into your feed will help you to leave a memorable impression and come across as professional, modern, and consistent.

Ready to build a strong online presence? Think of the following information as a personal assistant to help you prepare for a successful photo shoot.

Coffee & Contract Members: Check out the full Q4 Branding Photo Guide, available in your membership, for extensive  poses and prop ideas, upcoming holidays, and location ideas for your shoot day.

Q4 Pose Ideas

  • Sitting at desk in front of laptop, smiling at phone
  • Pouring a drink of choice in the kitchen
  • Sitting down with your drink of choice
  • Over-the-shoulder of you on your computer: viewing MLS, your website, or Pinterest interiors
  • Setting up or in front of our open house set up (flyers, signs, cookies, water bottles, etc)
  • You walking down a sidewalk or popular area in town and talking on the phone
  • Power pose with white background for text
  • Over-the-shoulder of your website or Instagram on the phone

Coffee & Contracts Members: Access additional ideas in the Q4 Branding Photo Guide

Q4 Prop Checklist

  • Work supplies: Laptop, phone, calculator
  • A pair of keys and/or lockbox
  • Your sign riders (sold, under contract, etc)
  • Open house sign
  • A bottle of bubbly or confetti popper
  • Clipboard & pen
  • Printed out marketing guides
  • Your drink of choice (coffee, wine, water, tea, etc)
  • A blank letterboard

Coffee & Contracts Members: Access additional prop ideas in the Q4 Branding Photo Guide

Let us know if the comments if you utilize these personal branding photo & video ideas for Q4 in your upcoming photo shoot!

Members: Access the full version of this guide, including a photoshoot schedule, in your membership dashboard.

Have questions? Reach out! We always love hearing from you.

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