Branding & Niche • November 29, 2023
Branding & Niche

November 29, 2023

Niche Ideas for Realtors

Niche Ideas for Realtors

“While real estate will always be a competitive business, there are several strategies you can adopt to give yourself a leg up. Perhaps the most productive and least utilized of these is creating a niche.” (Forbes)

By focusing on a niche or specialty, you are best positioned to help clients seeking the knowledge you have. This in turn sets you apart from the competition and helps you generate more leads. Come along as we talk through niche ideas for Realtors.

1. First, reflect on your core values

First, meet Derrick – Derrick is known for using humor in his marketing.

“Humor is one of my core values, so I try to look at every situation through that lens and incorporate it into the marketing I do.” – Derrick

Our Tip: Determine your core values and see if you can incorporate these into your niche or speciality. Humor, integrity, joy, fitness, community, luxury, teamwork, fairness are all examples of core values that can inform your niche.

2. Next, consider your unique experiences

Next, meet Morenike – Morenike is also a bartender and hosts events. She provides a unique value to her audience by sharing local events, craft cocktail recipes, and information about nightlife in the DMV area.

Sara had a 20+ year career in graphic design, now it helps her stand out in her marketing material.

Here’s our tip: Reflect on your career, think about what unique experiences and proficiencies you’ve gained over time.

3. Now, think about your hobbies & lifestyle

Now, meet Kristen – Kristen stands out to other dog owners & animal lovers.

“I post a lot about my dog. I know a lot of dog lovers out there so it gets them engaged. I was born and raised in Nashville so I know a lot of great local spots people normally wouldn’t find by just googling. I like to help out the local small businesses as much as possible by posting events happening, deals, and grand openings since they help Nashville grow!” – Kristen

Our Tip: What do you love to do in your free time? Are you a yogi, dog lover, boater, environmentalist, cyclist or chef? Reflect on this and see how this can translate to real estate or your marketing.

4. Next, consider the property types in your area

Next, meet Ashley – Ashley specializes in beach homes & vacation properties in Galveston, TX.

Here’s our Tip: What types of properties interest you or are underserved in your area? Distressed properties, new construction, waterfront, multi-family, condos, age-restricted, dog-friendly or historic?

5. Finally, think about target demographics

Finally, meet Jaclyn – Jaclyn’s niche is helping first-time home buyers.

“At first it started with friends of mine who were first time home buyers and it seemed to explode from there with referrals. I tend to nurture these clients more being that it is their first time getting into real estate and they are usually extremely nervous and don’t know a lot of what is involved and what to look for.”

Our Tip: Could you market yourself to a specific demographic? First-time home buyers, military, newlyweds, millennials, 55+, etc.

Looking to take a deep dive on establishing your niche as a realtor? Join us in the C&C Strategy Course where we walk you through several niche ideas for realtors and how to determine your own.

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