Instagram Growth & Strategy • December 14, 2023
Instagram Growth & Strategy

December 14, 2023

Marketing Audit for Real Estate Agents

Marketing Audit for Real Estate Agents

Ever wonder if your real estate marketing is up to snuff?

We created this self-guided marketing audit for real estate agents so you can know for yourself! Take a few minutes to reflect on these questions. The goal here is to improve your overall marketing strategy. Some questions will reveal places where you are excelling and opportunities for improvement. Let’s jump in!

What we’ll cover in this marketing audit for real estate agents

Today we’ll be talking about all things Instagram marketing and ensuring you are checking off all the key aspects of building a robust marketing strategy on the ‘gram! A few key areas we’ll discuss: Your Instagram profile, your personal branding, generating leads online, and developing an engaging and evergreen posting strategy

Who is your ideal client? Is your content speaking to them?

Every successful marketing strategy begins with knowing your audience. Think of a past or potential client whose real estate dreams resonate with your service offerings. (Tip: think about who you’ve enjoyed working with in the past, and start there!) Don’t be alarmed if this ideal client changed over time – it’s a part of business evolution!

Visualize yourself as this ideal client, and look at your Instagram page as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Is it enticing enough to hook them in? If, for instance, your ideal client is seeking to relocate, does your page effectively communicate that you’re the ultimate source for all things relocation, providing valuable local information, tips, and advice?

Does your Instagram convey a consistent and coherent look and feel with the consistent use of your brand’s colors, fonts, logos, etc?

Do you have an effective lead generation strategy?

An integral part of digital marketing involves capturing your audience’s contact information. Whether you’re using a landing page with a compelling lead magnet, employing ManyChat to encourage audience engagement, or personally connecting with potential clients via Direct Messages, your strategy needs to be robust. Always ask yourself two questions: Am I offering something that my ideal client would find valuable? Is most of the content I share ending with a powerful call-to-action (CTA), encouraging my audience to connect further?

Is your content strategy dynamic?

From posting relatable Reels and personal snippets to sharing industry news and expertise – variety keeps your audience engaged.

Consider dedicating specific days to different content pillars to ensure consistency. In the example below, let’s say this agent’s ideal clients are first time buyers and relocations

Here is a simple posting strategy that includes content pillars and post ideas.

Monday: Reel – First-Time Home Buyer Topics (“A realistic timeline for buying a home”)
Wednesday: Reel – Relatable/Behind the Scenes (“A day in the life of a Tampa real estate agent”)
Friday: Carousel Post – Relocating to Tampa Tips & Insights (“My favorite family friend restaurants in Tampa”)

Monthly reviews of your content performance will give you the insights needed to pivot or persist. With a business account (we recommend a Creator account!) you will be able to see real time insights on how your audience is enjoying the content you’re sharing!

Is your Instagram discoverable and set up for success?

Make sure your Instagram page is primed for success by incorporating strategic keywords like your city and ‘real estate’ in your display name.

A clear, value-focused bio can attract your ideal clients. This is also a great place to link to a website or landing page where someone can connect with you further.

Using your Instagram highlights strategically can further amplify your unique offerings and give someone a glimpse into what it’s like to work with you.

Are you actively engaging with other accounts?

The digital world, much like the physical one, thrives on personal interaction and connection. Your presence online isn’t solely about broadcasting your message but fostering meaningful relationships. It’s essential to interact with local accounts, fellow real estate agents, and industry-focused accounts.

Think of it as online networking, where each ‘like’, comment, direct message and share helps build your digital community and increases your reach.

Remember, the more you give in terms of engagement, the more you’ll receive!

Is your content hooking the audience in and keeping them engaged?

Here’s a harsh truth – boring content isn’t going to cut it. To stand out, you need to craft content that hooks your audience in, compels them to interact, and leaves them eagerly waiting for more. Try these…

“Market Update” → “Home prices are down 4% in [City] – Here’s what it means for you!”
“Seller Tip: Don’t Price it too High!” → “This one mistake could cost you thousands on your home sale!”

Are you leveraging your content or are you overcomplicating?

One common mistake agents make is assuming that every piece of content needs to be a polished, high-production value masterpiece. That’s not the case.

The mantra here is ‘authenticity over perfection’. Your audience appreciates an honest glimpse into your daily activities. They want to know the person behind the professional, the efforts behind the success stories.

Start recording videos of your everyday tasks – showing houses, working on your computer, conducting meetings, or even taking a quick coffee break. These snippets of your real estate journey can provide engaging b-roll footage to use in your marketing mix (hello Reels!)

So, how’d you do?!

Whether you’re already implementing these strategies or plan to in the coming months, we hope you learned something new here. Let us know below – was this marketing audit for real estate agents helpful?

If you’re looking for a hand with your real estate marketing, Check out the Coffee & Contracts real estate marketing membership. We offer the tools, templates and trainings to ensure your marketing strategy rocks.

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