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August 22, 2023

Just Sold Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Just Sold Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

It's no secret that humans love stories. Knowing the background story of any scenario makes us care about the outcome. The next time you are celebrating the sale of a home (congratulations!), consider sharing the story of the transaction. Instead of sharing a generic “Just Sold” graphic on social media, grab some inspiration from these just sold post ideas for real estate agents below:

From Expired to Sold

"A property with a history of 6 months on the market and zero offers. Sounds like a challenge? Here's how we turned things around... [Mention strategies like: Refined our pricing strategy, leveraged social media marketing, hosted themed open houses]!"

Buying Was the Better Option

"When I met [Name], they were looking for a rental. Now they have $10,000 in equity in their dream home. [Share why this client decided to buy instead of rent]."

The Happy New Homeowners

Record video clips throughout closing day and end with a shot of your clients waving bye and closing the door of their new home. Share about all that happens on closing day.

The First-Time Buyer Journey

"15 showings, 5 offers, and 1 failed contract later - Our buyer is under contract on his perfect first home. Here's what we learned these past couple of months... [3 things you learned. For example: Patience is key, pre-approval is critical, things to look out for in showings]."

Showcase Strategic Staging

"Would you believe me if I told you we had 12 offers on this house? Here's how it happened... [Tell us how you marketed/staged the home and what potential buyers first impressions/feedback were]."

Visualize the Process

Record clips throughout the transaction and create a reel of the transaction start to finish, and walk us through each step.

So before you share another "Just Sold" graphic, consider sharing story behind the sale. Your audience (and potential clients!) will find themselves invested in and excited about the outcomes. Did you learn something new from these just sold post ideas for real estate agents? Let us know how you use storytelling in your real estate marketing in the comments below.

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